Cheers & Kudos: Bordewich Bray thanks Nevada State Museum |

Cheers & Kudos: Bordewich Bray thanks Nevada State Museum

We want to publicly thank the truly amazing staff at the Nevada State Museum for providing our third graders with explorative educational opportunities!

So far this year, we have experienced the history of Nevada through a ghost town and mine exhibit tour; we have read about and experienced what life was like long ago for the Washoe, Paiute, and Shoshone, while learning we are all part of the same community in “Under One Sky.”

We have created an H2O diagram as we discovered more about the precious gift of water in Nevada. We journeyed back in time to the Age of the Fishes through the Devonian Sea exhibit, and we even measured the length of an ichthyosaur.

Last, but certainly not least, we became biologists who explored the adaptations of plants and animals in our great state.

So, thank you from our third graders who talk about each field trip long after we have returned to the four walls of our classrooms. You are making a difference in our community and you are much appreciated!

With much gratitude,

Mrs. Kaiser’s and Ms. Osborn’s third grade classes

Bordewich Bray Elementary School