Cheers & Kudos: Thank you for care, compassion |

Cheers & Kudos: Thank you for care, compassion

Hopefully, through our great newspaper, I can reach many of you who were so instrumental in our daughter, Monica’s, care and healing. Our eldest daughter was a homicide victim in 1985. Only two words come to mind concerning my attitude toward the health and safety of our four children and 13 grandchildren — paranoia and anxiety. So when our healthy and strong, youngest child became ill, we were so frightened.

Dr. Timothy King, you are amazing. Your compassion and brilliance shone through and we are so very thankful.

I started keeping a list of names of each and every one of the nursing staff, but the list grew and grew. I cannot thank you by name, but each and every one of your angelic faces are etched in my heart. You were tolerant and so patient with all of us. Your outstanding care — so lovingly given — was the biggest part of her healing. We found that this kindness and compassion is prevalent throughout CTH (even in the cafeteria, gift shop, housekeeping, volunteer and food services).

We are so proud of our community’s beautiful hospital. To each and every one of you, from this “mother’s” heart, I send you so much love, many spiritual hugs and so many, many thank yous.

Pamela Ross

Carson City