Cheers & Kudos: Thank you, Rupert’s Auto Body |

Cheers & Kudos: Thank you, Rupert’s Auto Body

In a spur of a moment decision I stopped by Rupert’s Auto Body to take a chance in my desperate attempt to see if they could diagnose the source of the clanging metal noise in my car. I already took my car to three different places in a two-year period. They just couldn’t find the source, so I just endured the annoying sound when I drove my car.

Although not an appointment, Rupert’s Auto Body mechanic, Randy, was willing to take a look at my car. He checked underneath it. He even drove my car to find out, but it was not cooperating. He checked my car again, shook the side bumper and found out that two screws were missing. He put them in. Then he checked again and shook it. He placed a cushion tape to a part that had a gap. For the time spent in doing all these things, Rupert’s Auto Body Shop did not charge me anything. I insisted, but to no avail. It was gratis, my first in my 36 years living in Carson City.

Thank you, Rupert’s Auto Body, for the time spent, your help and your kind heart. Despite the negativity in the world, there is a ray of sunshine right here in this community, and I am grateful.

Corazon Rough

Carson City