Cheers & Kudos: Thanks to Anytime Fitness for accommodating seniors |

Cheers & Kudos: Thanks to Anytime Fitness for accommodating seniors

As we age and slow down due to various factors, engaging in a routine physical fitness program becomes difficult while at the same time its importance increase.

I am enrolled in Senior Care Plus insurance coverage. Several years ago they supported a program called Silver Sneakers for seniors. This was a fantastic program that encouraged seniors to participate in weekly exercise programs.

Due to an economic slowdown, Senior Care Plus discontinued this beneficial program. Now that we enter into a new year we are faced with the annual insurance decisions to either change or keep our current insurance. To the great joy of both me and my wife, Senior Care Plus has contracted with Anytime Fitness to reinstall this much needed program. Kudos to both.

I would like to commend Krissy and Mike who operate Anytime Fitness facilities in Carson City for their support of the importance for sound physical fitness programs for senior citizens. We are impressed with the professional demeanor of the staff at Anytime Fitness, the cleanliness and well maintained equipment.

As a senior I cannot stress enough the importance of being more active as we age. For some it is easy for others such as myself maintaining a routine physical exercise program is not second nature but participating with a similar group under the guidance of a professional this “ordeal” now becomes fun.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City