Cheers to those getting Carson ready for big moment |

Cheers to those getting Carson ready for big moment

Carson City will make a good impression on the nation when dozens of camera crews converge here for the Democratic presidential forum, despite the vandalism recently that left many windows boarded up. The unique scenery, history and people here can easily overcome the worst efforts of idiots with too much time on their hands.

Last week, a vandal with a slingshot and a pellet gun shot out 25 windows and, unfortunately, some will still be boarded up when presidential candidates and throngs of media arrive.

We applaud the businesses for rushing to get things back to normal, even if the glass companies are just too overburdened to fix their windows before Wednesday. The Nevada Department of Transportation crews keeping a vigilant eye on Highway 395 for trash and graffiti also deserve praise. City crews are doing the same thing, and even the Sheriff’s deputies on duty that day will be in their best dress. In fact, the list of people going the extra mile to give Carson City a little extra shine is just too long to list.

All of these things reflect a community with a great deal of pride, and all of those people working so hard to clean up our city set a great example for the rest of us. Even those who weren’t hit by the vandalism should make extra efforts to spruce up their homes and businesses.

Wednesday would also be a great day to fly the flag, even though many cameras will undoubtedly pan to the enormous one watching over the city from the hillside west of town.

Carson City is used to big celebrations and events, but has probably never seen anything like the Democratic presidential forum. All who are working to make it a shining moment in Carson City history deserve special praise.