Choose Biblical truth over outlandish documentary |

Choose Biblical truth over outlandish documentary

Louie Locke Sr.
Special to the Appeal

Have you heard the news? Filmmaker James Cameron (of “Titanic” fame) claims to have found “the lost tomb of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene,” and will present his “facts” in a made for TV movie next week.

That’s not all – he also says research suggests that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a son, Judah. That sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

I have been watching this story with interest, not because I believe it for a moment, but to see how this movie promotion would unfold. If you are interested in this fiasco, I encourage you to read the reports closely – as you do you will see the words “probably/suggest/could have” abundantly used.

Oh yes, and there is DNA proof! One report says that a DNA analysis has been conducted which suggests the 2,000-year-old Jerusalem tomb could have once held the remains of Jesus of Nazareth and his family.

The Israeli archaeologist, Amos Kloner, who actually discovered the ancient burial caves more than 25 years ago, says, “There is absolutely no proof to Cameron’s outlandish claims,” and that the theory is nonsense. Kloner makes these statements from an archaeological standpoint. I would agree with him from a Biblical and a personal one.

The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus is the Son of the Living God – that He did die on a cross to bring salvation to man – that His body was placed in a tomb. But that it was a very short stay, because after three days He rose from the dead, and shortly thereafter ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father, awaiting the day of His return.

No secret wife and children, no family tomb, no bones in a coffin. These reports and the upcoming TV movie may be entertaining, but far from Biblical truth.

Oh yes, and the personal standpoint – I know the living Christ; He is my Lord and my Savior. He has transformed my life and the lives of literally millions and millions of people over the last 2,000 years.

I’m not suggesting that probably it may be possible that Jesus is alive – I’m one of millions who are living proof.

• Louie Locke Sr. is pastor of Fountainhead Foursquare Church in South Carson City. Visit the Web site at