Christina Ricci |

Christina Ricci

School: Dayton Elementary

Grade: Fifth

Parents: Joe and Suzanne Ricci

Favorite Subject (and why): I like science because you can learn about weather and more.

Favorite Teacher (and why): Ms. Jones is my favorite teacher right now because she is so nice and all of my teachers I’ve had because they are all so nice to me.

Other activities (sports, hobbies, clubs): My favorite activities are basketball, volleyball, and cooking.

Things you are proud of (honors, awards): I am proud of that I got Top Kid.

What you like about school: What I like about school is you learn a lot about stuff you need to know in the future.

What you don’t like about school: I don’t like the school food.

Jobs you would like to have: Teaching, veterinarian, and chef.

Heroes: All of my heroes are my family.