Church to host New Year’s Eve party |

Church to host New Year’s Eve party

Rhonda Costa-Landers
Appeal Staff Writer

With six live bands, video games to play on a large-screen TV, drawings for prizes, the Warehouse is offering a drug and alcohol-free venue for all ages. All it will take is $5 to enter.

The Warehouse, a church at 3579 Highway 50 East, Suite 209, has a lot of activities planned for youth, who can keep busy with dancing, listening to the music of the bands, playing video games or just hanging out with friends.

“What I would say to the parents of the kids coming here, is if you’re kids are in the building, there will be no drugs or alcohol in the building,” said the Rev. James Parker, leader of the Warehouse. “We’re going to have security everywhere.”

Parker said 15 or more adults will be on hand for security.

“Our guys know what they’re doing and they are well qualified in knowing what to look for,” he added.

“It’s a cool thing we won’t need a lot of patrolling. Because this is an alcohol and drug-free event, those who do want to get smashed won’t be here. The kids who will be here just want to hang out with their friends.”

Bands performing include Carson City’s own A House Cursed, Dorcia, All Day Drive, Wayward, Somesayhero, and one of four grand prize winners of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition, Victim Effect.

“We’ve had Victim Effect a couple of times,” Parker said. “They’re a phenomenal band. They called us and asked us if they could play here. They’re our headliner. The crowd really gets into them.

“The music may not be suitable for a 5-year-old, because it’s kind of loud and chaotic. It’s pretty much geared for teens and those in their 20s.”

Parker said the Warehouse is not into big events to make money, but to rather provide a safe alternative for teens and those in their 20s not into the party scene to hang out. Proceeds, if any, will be used for maintenance and to upgrade the sound system at the Warehouse.

“We’re very fortunate if we break even on any show,” he said. “The church has been good to us and this is a way we get to pay back the church. It’s nice to give something back. It costs $500 just to clean carpets. And when you have a concert with teenagers, you have to clean your carpets every month.”

There will also be several drawings throughout the evening with prizes such as lift tickets to Kirkwood, an electric guitar, gift cards to area department stores and Starbucks. A bonus – one member of each band will be “auctioned off” after they perform.

“Bands are about the audience,” Parker said. “I was just talking with them and they thought it would be a blast. So one member of each band, except Victim Effect – they’re all married – will be auctioned off. They will have someone who is single, sing with them and he will be auctioned off. It sounds like a blast.”

The band member will have a pre-selected date of their choice. The winner of the auction will have a choice of taking gift certificates for themselves, or actually planning a date with the band member and using the gift certificates for it. All dates include a $15 Starbucks card.

The Warehouse can hold 500 to 600 total in all areas. Gamers will have their own video area, which is free with paid entry.

“We’ll have the Play Station set up on a big-screen TV,” Parker said.

“This will be so intense with so much to do inside, the kids will want to stay inside. But we can’t control what goes on outside.”

Parker said food and refreshments will also be available at reasonable prices.

For information or tickets, call 720-9946.

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If you go

WHAT: New Year’s Eve Party

WHEN: 7 p.m. Monday

WHERE: The Warehouse, 3579 Highway 50 East, Suite 209

COST: $5 per person; drawing tickets $2 each; food and refreshment available

ALSO: Live auction of one member of each band after performance

CALL: 720-9946