City has many positives to go with its problems |

City has many positives to go with its problems

Even as Carson City struggles with its well-trodden problems, most centered around a sluggish economy and falling tax receipts, there are more positives unfolding at this moment in the city than at any time in recent history.

And it doesn’t even start in Carson City, but rather closer to Virginia City where the next phase of the V&T is under way. Even if that project, when completed, falls short of ambitious projections for attracting tourists, it will still be one of the city’s top assets.

Then you have the next phase of the bypass that, in the minds of some, is the absolute key to getting the bad traffic out of the downtown so the good traffic – especially diners, shoppers and businesspeople – will take precedence there.

Those projects are huge, but look around at the other things that are happening or are about to happen and it’s hard to feel too negative about the state’s capital city. They include the Galaxy and the nearly completed Marriott Hotel, giving the city desperately needed modern lodging facilities at both ends of town.

And, say what you will about the old Wal-Mart building and the tax incentives given its owner by the city, that project alone will change the dynamics of a long-blighted section of town and is likely to attract further development nearby. Imagine the shoppers that will fill that lot next year. Farther north, the proposed improvements at the mall could provide yet another boost. And whether the city, in its financial straits, is able to contribute or not, we hope the owners pour plenty of money into a building that they haven’t improved on in many years.

Yes, the problems in Carson City are significant, but so is the potential. If you need a reminder, just take a drive around town.