City makes right choice for performing arts |

City makes right choice for performing arts

It’s good to know Carson City supervisors are backers of the performing arts.

At least that’s the message they sent on Thursday when they decided to continue a 25 percent discount for local nonprofit organizations that put on performances such as plays and concerts at the Carson City Community Center Theater.

The discount began in 2005 and could have been discontinued by the supervisors. There is, after all, a price to pay for it, namely the $13,800 that will come from the general fund to make up the loss created by the discount.

In some ways, that could be considered unfair for those who believe such performances should be paid for exclusively by those who attend them.

But revoking the discount might have had a stifling effect on the performing arts scene, including higher ticket prices. And that might have made performances harder for some residents to attend.

In light of that, the $13,800 is a small price to pay to keep the performances coming.

But supervisors should be vigilant that the cost does not grow, and the Parks and Recreation Department should look for other ways to increase the revenue from the facility.

A capital city should have a thriving performing arts scene, and the supervisors have done their part to make that happen.