Colleen Grimm: Family values means a 25-mile hike |

Colleen Grimm: Family values means a 25-mile hike

Submitted by Colleen Grimm

While many teens are lounging around or sleeping in during their time off in the summer, my 13-year-old, Seth White, spends it outside.

When he’s not going to work helping pour concrete with his dad or helping on his stepdad’s horseshoeing truck, he spends time out hiking. As a family we all love the outdoors and hiking.

Three years ago we fell in love with Carson and the surrounding areas and all of the hiking and wildlife we’re surrounded by. My son and his stepdad, Matt Parent, just finished an overnight hike with a total of 25.08 miles beginning on Friday afternoon, June 29 and returning Saturday, June 30. The voyage began on Mount Rose Highway and ended at Kings Canyon in Carson.

This was made possible by his stepdad with his encouragement, his shared love for my son and the outdoors, and my son’s courage and strength to do things he never had before. With his stepdad’s hundreds of hiking miles and superb directional skills, as well as my son’s directional sense and their shared love of nature, I knew they would be fine. I’m one happy mom to see my family outside and not glued to the TV! I’m so proud of them both!