Commentary by Eugene Paslov: The BRIC and its impact on revitalizing downtown |

Commentary by Eugene Paslov: The BRIC and its impact on revitalizing downtown

Eugene T. Paslov
For the Nevada Appeal

I’ve been writing an application for a performing arts charter high school (a potential economic driver for the city) for months. I needed a place to work where I could get technical assistance, research help and access to a variety of data bases.

I started writing at the Legislative Counsel Bureau Library. They have outstanding librarians and if one wants to see examples of exceptional public employees visit the LCB library. These librarians are truly extraordinary. But I began my project at the beginning of the most recent Legislative Session. I saw quickly that the LCB librarians were deeply involved with legislative research, fulfilling requests on behalf of legislators and a variety of other highly sensitive technical activities for which they are eminently well qualified. It’s their job.

I moved my books, research documents and lap top to the Business Resource Innovation Center. The BRIC is a partnership of the Carson City’s Permit Center, Business Development and Library. It is located across from City Hall, 108 E. Proctor St., designed to help stimulate Carson City’s business sector and encourage growth of new businesses. It has what the library/discovery center calls a business tool box which includes business focused books, AV materials, critical public/private research data bases, plus access to public computers, printers, a fax center and meeting rooms (all wireless connected). Entrepreneurs, locally and from around the country meet at the BRIC.

I heard a fellow at a public meeting once complain about building a new public library/Discovery Center. He held up his Kindle and shouted, “This is all the library you need.” Unfortunately, his Kindle was obsolete before he sat down. The BRIC tool box is constantly being redesigned to help businesses reinvent themselves and grow vital new industries in our City.

I worked on the application for The Performing Arts Charter High School every day for months; I accessed the BRIC tool box and even more importantly worked with Mona Reno, the research librarian who helps BRIC clients with their projects. She connected me to research needed, with vital databases, and when my laptop got uppity, Ms. Reno knew exactly what to do to get it to behave. She is dedicated to helping people; she makes an invaluable contribution to our City’s economic growth.

The Carson City Library/Discovery Center has found a vital connection with the City and the private sector (The Nugget’s “Community First” efforts). They are helping to revitalize the economics of our city. Citizens and business people are using the BRIC extensively. They thirst for more. The library/BRIC is a vital economic tool. As the Library/Discovery Center/BRIC grows so too will our city flourish.

• Eugene T. Paslov is a board member of the Davidson Academy at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the former Nevada state superintendent of schools.