Court refuses Weddell appeal |

Court refuses Weddell appeal

Staff reports

The Nevada Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal that would have put many of Carson City’s elected officials out of a job.

In a six-word order, the court said it will not hear an appeal of a decision to reject Rolland Weddell’s attempt to have District Attorney Noel Waters and Sheriff Rod Banister removed from office for not pursuing charges in a 1997 drug case.

Weddell filed multiple court cases in the wake of his Oct. 17 assault arrest after he tried to take Jaime Bustamante into custody.

The Carson City developer fired four shots at Bustamante, who Weddell said was coming at him. Bustamante was uninjured in the incident.

Weddell accused Bustamante and his brother, John, of trying to run over one of his employees.

The assault charge against Weddell was dismissed by Judge Micheal Fondi in June 1999, but reinstated by a panel of the Nevada Supreme Court.

On March 4, the entire Supreme Court ruled that it would take on the issue of Weddell’s assault charges. No hearing date has been set.

Weddell attorney Day Williams said Wednesday’s dismissal was not associated with the criminal charge and dealt with a previous case.

“We’re disappointed,” he said.