Creatures getting more rights than us |

Creatures getting more rights than us

KAY DUPUIS, Wellington

When the rodents and the crawly creatures have more rights than people, sensible people believe there is something wrong with what the environmental whackos are doing in our country.

Forest Service/BLM only act as land managers; the land still belongs to Nevada citizens. Judges are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution but ignore it all the time at the expense of the peoples’ rights.

There are 47 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, 20 World Heritage Sites and 16 RAMSAR sites in the Unites States.

Over 68 percent of the land in national parks, preserves and monuments has been designed as United Nations Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves or both.

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially waterfowl habitat, is known as the RAMSAR Convention.

The public and local governments are almost never consulted about creating World Heritage Sites, the RAMSAR Sites and Biosphere Reserves. Steven Lindsey is a rancher in Arizona. One day he found out that a 60-acre private wetland on his property was controlled by the International RAMSAR Convention.