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Dan O’Connor: Caliente has its train

Dan O’Connor

Union Pacific runs its freight trains through Caliente, Nev., quite regularly, both night and day, as it does in Lovelock and many other railroad towns. But the trains don’t stop in these little towns anymore. The rail line is a conveyor belt between major cities. Towns like this are just part of the passing scenery these days. So back when I moved to Lovelock a few years ago, I was quite captivated by the constant passing trains and I scribbled a few lines about them. Here is that article again with a few minor changes to make it the Caliente version:


I walked all the way up on Lincoln

Now I’m heading back on Main

Here she comes by jeepers.

Yonder comes the train

I used to live in cities

But things here are not the same

I walk the streets of Caliente

And listen for the train

I used to be successful

And I used to be quite sane

But that was before I came here

And got haunted by the train

I’m sitting in the Shamrock Pub

And I’m trying to ease my pain

But I’m feeling so much better now

Cause I’m sure I hear that train

I used to have a sweetheart

But she left me in the rain

Now all I have are memories

And that ever-loving train

I listen to the wind

And she seems to call my name

She says “Hurry up and run boy.

You don’t want to miss your train”

I’ve got sadness in my heart

And misery on my brain

But I perk up right cheerful

Every time I hear that train

I had a hundred dollars

But I spent it on a dame

Now I’m standing at the railroad

Counting boxcars on the train

If the whole world turns against me

And my life goes down the drain

I have my own escape plan

I can always hop that train

It’s been really nice to meet you

And I wish I could remain

But I have to rush right off now

I’ve just got to catch that train

London has its River Thames

And Paris has its Seine

New York has its Hudson River

And Caliente has it’s train

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com.