Despite prostitution ruling, big changes unlikely |

Despite prostitution ruling, big changes unlikely

Following a judge’s ruling last week, Nevada now has a landscape in which brothels will be more visible. They’ll now be able to advertise in the state’s cities where prostitution is illegal.

That could have significant impacts on the delicate balance of public opinion. As it is, some people are ashamed to live in a state where prostitution is legal and say it degrades our society; others have no problem with the brothels, seeing them as legitimate businesses; and then there’s a third and sizable group that has an air of tolerance as long as the brothels keep a low profile. That mixture of opinion has never created enough opposition to seriously threaten the industry in Nevada.

It will be interesting to see whether that changes once people begin seeing brothel advertisements, no matter how tame they may be. People who tolerated brothels will have to decide if this violates their moral sensibilities.

If so, prostitution opponents may have a chance to gain a foothold in the Legislature. No one should dismiss the concerns of parents seeking to protect their children and their communities, and they may now have found an opportunity to gain greater support in the Legislature.

It’s likely that prostitution is here to stay for at least the short-term future, however. Fortunately, it’s also likely that Nevada residents will notice little difference following the judge’s ruling last week. Brothel owners aren’t likely to test the limits of public acceptance, nor are media outlets likely to accept advertising done in poor taste that will upset their customers.

And, against the daily barrage of sexual-themed advertising that streams from television and print media, brothel advertising will likely barely register with most residents.