DMV employees did inform the governor |

DMV employees did inform the governor


This is in response to the letter from Fred G. Sherman concerning DMV employees which appeared on Oct. 14.

Perhaps the next time you write a letter, you should research your facts thoroughly, then maybe it would not sound as if you are writing a letter swimming in ignorance.

Most of the DMV employees who work here became very aware of the fact that the governor has an “open door” and we can go by there any time. Some of us did just that. Statements were made and letters were written directly to the governor. Are you aware that when Gov. Guinn took office that there was enough concern expressed by employees and others that he had a committee come over to look into the situation? He did.

As far as sending snipes, snivels and whines in the newspaper that was, for the most part, for the benefit of you, John Q. Public. You had the right to know what was happening with the $35 million Genesis project and this was the only way you were going to be made aware.

When you saw the letters and articles in the paper, did it make you curious? Did you go right down to the local DMV and ask to know more about what was going on? Did you call and make an appointment to speak to the governor about your concerns? If not, why? Isn’t your responsibility as a citizen and a taxpayer to look out for you and your fellow citizens’ welfare, to see that no harm comes to them physically or mentally?

The governor is a paid public servant just as the rest of the state employees are. That would mean that Gov. Guinn is the equivalent to an executive manager in the chain of command. When the concerns were not eased, we took our concerns to our real employer, the taxpayer. What else would you have expected us to do?

In light of the fact that we don’t make the decisions here, we did the only other things we could. We tried to inform the public. If this is not up to your standards then please tell us what you would have had us do!

Now, on the next point of ignorance, please let me know what your definition of a “citizen” is. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a citizen is an inhabitant of a city or town, a member of a state, a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government. After giving it careful thought, I came to the conclusion that I, along with all of the other DMV employees, am a citizen. Not only that, but we are taxpayers as well! So according to your comment about citizens not having the option of just quitting and walking out, I guess we don’t have that option either.

We will have to stay employed so we can feed our families, put a roof over their heads and pay our bills like most normal citizens do. Not only that, but I might even have to wait my turn when my registration and driver’s license are up for renewal and hope, like the rest of the citizens, that the bugs are worked out of the system by then. If by chance it is not working correctly and I am in line with an irate customer who has to be escorted out by our Capitol Police (not “jack-booted, armed NHP thugs” as erroneously stated) then I will thank them kindly for the protection that they are affording me and the other law abiding citizens waiting in line.