Dogs rule the day at Sierra Le Bone |

Dogs rule the day at Sierra Le Bone

Jenny Schnabel

“Sierra Le Bone”

Is what I would say

A doggie boutique

Where dogs rule the day.

Fran and Jan they rule the roost

Cailin and Hailey give them a boost

Gary Ailes the veterinarian

Is part of the show

But rarely there

He is always on the go.

You meet the store greeter

His name is Teddy Bear.

He’s a cute Pomeranian

With fluffy black hair.

The security dog is Tito

What can you do?

A little Chihuahua

He’ll try to scare you.

I had quite the time

While I was there

Zasu, the Dandie Dinmont

Was the alarm

But not much of a blare.

They have all the goodies

A doggie might need

Mixes of all sorts

Ice cream and cake

A party indeed.

There are the self dog washes

To spruce your dog up

Hair dryer, shampoo and towels

What a groomed pup.

There are animal cards

Expressing all things

Sympathy, new pet and birthdays

Let’s sing.

Gourmet dog cookies

Oh, such a treat.

Come bring your dog

Or have a bite to eat!

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Sierra Le Bone is at 880 S. Stewart St. It can be reached at 775-885-2663.