Don’t worry, be happy (and responsible) |

Don’t worry, be happy (and responsible)

Don’t worry, be happy (and responsible)

It will appear to be the height of insanity if tonight’s fireworks shows spark a wildfire. Organizers would undoubtedly be held up for ridicule for not canceling the events following the Angora fire.

But we can take comfort in knowing that there’s very little likelihood of that happening. In fact, a more likely source of fires just might be from those watching the fireworks and their careless use of cigarettes, grills, sparklers or any other recreational activity that uses a flame.

That’s why organizers and firefighters will be doubly watchful this Fourth, as should each of us as we spend time with our families and friends in the outdoors. But when the shows begin after dark, you can suspend your worries, at least according to the organizers who assure us there is almost no chance of problems.

Instead, focus on the meaning of the holiday, the birth of a great nation that has righted itself time after time in its 231 year history. That’s something worth celebrating, and there are few places those feelings of national pride are stronger than under the canopy of a fireworks show accompanied by patriotic music.

So to the organizers we say thanks for resisting the pressure to cancel the shows. And to everyone else, we beg you to take extra fire precautions today and throughout this arid summer.

Have a happy Fourth of July.