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Editorial : casino at Auburn

by staff

Enter a casino, leave the real world.

That’s long been the theory behind the elaborate themes of Nevada’s gambling cathedrals.

Want to wager in the Roman empire? Play blackjack at the circus? Visit New York, Paris and Venice – all within a short cab ride?

Now take that theory and apply it to the California Indian tribes as they move into the realm of true competitors in the gaming world.

With enough money, they can simply build replicas of Reno and Las Vegas 100 miles closer to San Francisco and Los Angeles than the real Reno and Las Vegas.

That scenario gets closer to reality with every announcement by a Nevada gaming corporation that it is investing in an Indian casino.

Such an announcement Tuesday by Station Casinos Inc. was a very close to reality in Northern Nevada. The deal with the United Auburn Community is for a 200,000-square-foot casino off Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Reno.

Reno’s gaming community better come up with some damn good reasons for its California customers to come to the real Reno instead of stopping 50 miles short of the chain stations for the virtual Reno.

Because the one thing Nevada won’t be able replicate is money.