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Editorial: city has waited long enough for pool

by staff

We’ve grown accustomed to delays in government construction projects. In fact, it might be our motto: “Better late than never.”

Graves Lane took awhile to get finished, the Carson City Courthouse was a long time getting started (although not particularly late after construction got going), City Hall spent longer in the talking stages than the remodeling stages, and the highway bypass … well, maybe someday.

Still, the delay in finishing the Carson Aquatic Facility – swimming pools, to most of us – merits particular attention.

The $3.6 million project was supposed to be finished in September. Now, city officials are hoping for February.

The work was done in two phases, so people have not been totally denied use of the facility. But we think the city and its taxpayers have been more than patient in waiting for this project to come to a conclusion.

The excuse from contractor General American Development last summer included bad weather, a delay for the Far Western Swim Championships and a variety of other reasons for being four months behind schedule.

If anything, weather this fall should have helped keep construction moving. But the second phase isn’t going to finish on time, either.

With the amount of work ahead on the bypass and other projects, city and state officials have to keep a close eye on the work being done. There are many factors that can delay a construction project, but we’d prefer to do business with companies that can keep their promises.

We’d like to be able to adopt a slogan that eventually was applied to the new courthouse: “On time and on budget.”