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Editorial: Dayton vote

by staff

We misunderstood a vote of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce, which causes us to change our opinion (expressed in Wednesday’s edition) on the board’s handling of its ethical dilemma.

By way of background, the chamber board had voted 4-3 to move its offices into a building co-owned by a board member, Jo Cole. She was among those voting to make the move.

Questions were raised about the ethics of the vote, and the issue came back to the board on Monday.

At that meeting, the board voted 5-1 not to reconsider that decision. We misunderstood, thinking the board had reconsidered the decision and voted 5-1 to move.

The initial, unethical vote was therefore allowed to stand. We find this hard to believe, as both Cole and board president Wayne Pedlar had admitted it was wrong.

The only remedy now is for the Attorney General’s Office to inform the Dayton Chamber of Commerce that its vote to move the office cannot stand. Then the board will need to go back and do it the right way – the way we thought when Wednesday’s editorial was written.