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Editorial: Senior Center needs peace

As the season of good will and peace arrives, a contentious chapter in the history of the Carson City Senior Center may go with it.

On Nov. 5, about 50 seniors gathered to tell the senior center governing board they weren’t happy with the service.

Coverage of that session sparked a letter-writing campaign that is still going on.

Letters in support of the center outnumbered the complainers, showing there is a lot of love for the place.

Some of that love translated into an open letter from the governing board that appeared in the Nevada Appeal on Wednesday.

In it, the board, with the help of the center’s advisory panel and the center staff, described the controversy and dealt with the complaints with straightforward answers.

Among the grievance were too little parking, problems with the food, and the recognition of volunteers’ hard work.

During the height of the controversy the number of volunteers working for the center dropped to an all-time low of 136.

With a director out on pregnancy leave and an overloaded staff, much of the damage occurred when the center was at its weakest.

In writing the response, governing board members had to walk a thin line between sympathy for the center’s staff and addressing the members’ concerns.

In other words, their response had to heal.

We agree with governing board member Tom Baker who said it is time for a little peace at the center.

“The best Christmas we could have for the center is for everyone to come home and work together.”