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Edmonds roundabout is a dangerous idea


After reading the article in the Nevada Appeal dated March 15, am in total disbelief. I am a resident of Carson City, near Eagle Valley Middle School and I do use the “Edmonds Roundabout” daily. I have no alternative. It is the most dangerous traffic intersection I have ever encountered (I have lived in several states). I believed that after the numerous accidents that had occurred (I have witnessed several personally), you would realize how unrealistic the roundabout is.

I would like the following information:

1) The head engineer for the project

2) The number of accidents that have occurred since its installation (non-injury included)

3) The Federal Agency that oversees NDOT.

4) A contact at the Governor’s Office

5) The fire codes concerning the evacuation of this area. Be reminded, we have only this access out of the area.

It is beyond belief that you believe that by widening the circumference of the circle, that it will be a safe intersection. It is a death trap. I am not sure who state officials have been talking to that leads them to state that the comments have been positive. Certainly none of residents in this area. The whole neighborhood is against the roundabout, and be reminded, we live here and are forced to use it daily.

I intend to start a petition and gather as many signatures as possible. There are many families with small children (myself included) that feel that the installation of this roundabout is placing our lives in danger. I will forward letters to the newspaper, governor’s office and any other federal agency that would care to listen. I would like to have my complaints well documented because if I or any member of my family is involved in an accident at this intersection, I will pursue any and all legal action that is appropriate. It is literally a lawsuit waiting to happen. I would think the additional $50,000 would not be worth that. Since the only issue that seems to be important here is the cost (not the safety and welfare of the citizens who are forced to use this intersection) it is that much more irresponsible. How much money was spent when representatives from the Nevada Department of Transportation were sent to Las Vegas, at the Bellagio no less, for the farewell dinner for Governor Miller? It is even harder to believe that state officials intend to place another one of these roundabouts at the Arrowhead/Goni intersection. That makes as much sense at the Hot Springs/Airport Road fiasco and the uncontrolled

intersections on Spear behind the Nugget. Where do they find their engineers?

Needless to say, I am outraged.