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Election letters

McCain’s strategy is dishonest

I’m writing about McCain’s and Palin’s campaign lies and distortions, as well as “hate” comments (“he’s not one of us” and “pals around with terrorists” and more) and to urge you to continue to inform your readers of the dishonesty at the heart of their campaign.

In September there was a large amount of attention paid to the dishonest statements coming from McCain. The lies ran the gamut, from lies about Barack Obama’s record to lies about Sarah Palin’s accomplishments.

Media coverage of these has decreased, and often the Media simply repeated what the McCain campaign said, without informing the public that these claims were not only untrue, with clear intentions to destroy. But McCain’s team is continuing their appalling behavior. They are attacking Barack Obama for attending a meeting with a man named Rashid Khalidi, even though John McCain steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to Khalidi’s foundation. If John McCain really had a problem with Mr. Khalidi, he never would’ve done that, so we can only assume rank hypocrisy on the part of his campaign on this.

And Sarah Palin took an old radio interview of Barack Obama’s and twisted the words completely, reversing his message.

We need a new kind of politics, one where McCain’s dishonest personal attacks have no place. I urge you to do your part in covering these tactics and exposing them for the dishonest and dishonorable tactics they are.


Carson City

Settelmeyer speaks for small businesses

James Rose asks “Where’s Waldo?” My question to Mr. Rose is “Are you paying attention?”

Assemblyman James Settelmeyer represents this district with dignity and devotion. As a matter of fact, he’s recently been named the Small Business Administration’s Region 9 Ombudsman, a volunteer position. That is no small task and one that speaks to Assemblyman Settelmeyer’s deep commitment to our county, our state and our region.

It will be small business which brings us out of our current economic slump by creating the jobs that we need; we must have Assemblyman Settelmeyer’s help to shorten the time it takes to do so.

Small business has endorsed Assemblyman Settelmeyer and we urge you to thank him as well by sending him back to Carson City to represent us.


Carson City

Frightened by Obama presidency

Socialism ” basically advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Are the first steps toward socialism going to occur if Obama is elected and he begins his process of “spreading the wealth”? Socialism is the transitional stage between capitalism and communism. Look it up! If we work hard and build a business, or have a job where we earn more than $250,000 (is that gross or net?), we are going to be rewarded by having to pay more taxes! If we own a business, this will cut into our ability to possibly expand and maybe hire more employees. The more we make the more we pay. Please visit this Web site to find out more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/10/why_obamas_socialism_matters.

Socialized health care, as Canada has, doesn’t work all that well, either. Did you know that Canada banned ALL private health insurance in favor of the government-run system? We have relatives in Canada, and they pay a substantial amount for their health care premiums, while not having the choices or availability we have here for our health care. We pay a healthy premium every month for coverage, but it’s good coverage ” and we don’t want the government to mess with it or take it away altogether! Could happen under Obama.

If Obama becomes our next President, we are in for some scary times ahead in many areas. Enough said.


Carson City

Haskins is the maverick candidate

Let’s go with the Maverick … Haskins, that is. He seems to have most of the attributes which might qualify him to be our next mayor, such as a good moral character, which is most needed in our government, especially in governments at all levels and most assuredly at a time when our country is at the crossroads of so many decisions that are so crucial, affecting us all.

So when we go to the polls on Nov. 4 let’s vote for the Maverick Haskins. I believe he can get the job done.


Carson City

Obama/ Biden are anti-gun

Biden says one thing, does another?

A recent article in the Nevada Appeal titled “Biden says he would not restrict gun ownership” needs to be exposed for the lies it portrays. Biden claims “… we’re not going to take your shotguns away,” and I would like to say this: you got that right, and I’ll be keeping the other firearms as well, thank you.

The article title and contents contradict one another. How can you claim to not restrict gun ownership, and a few lines later make “assault” weapons and concealed handguns the exception? The only thing that makes an “assault” weapon the boogie man of firearms is that it holds more ammunition and has a pistol grip. It is not more deadly than any other firearm, with none of them designed for gardening. He continues in his lies with “We are two Democrats who voted against gun control.” Are you kidding me? Anyone that votes for Obama/Biden with faith in these outright lies would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. Obama has voted time and time again AGAINST the second amendment, it is not that hard to look up his voting record.

And to set the record straight, I’m talking about law abiding citizens here, not criminals, not “gang members in public housing,” as someone responded a few weeks ago. Personally, I don’t blame these clowns for wanting firearms removed from society … it would be much easier to control the people, ask Hitler.



Obama would take away freedoms

Our news media is able to shape events and our perception through its single and directed eye to further the objectives of those who produce the programs.

What began as a little freedom traded for a little security is revolving towards control and the promise of absolute security. The government has now taken over our banks. Individual responsibility and accountability has been done away with by our allegiance and reliance of the Socialistic welfare state. Once individual rights and freedom are lost, does it matter whether they fell all at once in a war or were voted away one by one, by voting for a socialistic president?

The goal of socialists is to overthrow Christianity and to control economically the buying and selling through making everyone its slave. Everything belongs to the government, nothing belongs to the people.

Listen to Obama when he thinks the mike is off and only a few chosen will hear him. He refers to us as clinging to our religion and guns. If he is elected we will soon lose the right to cling to either religion or guns. Before the spotlight was on him he voted for every abortion bill that came along. He voted to give gays rights over us by giving them special classification a minorities. He believes in gay marriages not God’s marriages.

He is a nice looking man and delivers the talks others write for him very elegantly. But when he talks for himself, we hear; spread the wealth around.

Socialism and Communism have the same end results. Be careful who and what you vote for.


Carson City

Doesn’t trust Democrats

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of this whole two year “Election” junk! Let’s cut the rhetoric and look at the choice we have before us. Who has the best chance at leading us out of our current economic crisis, while insuring our precious right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

In evaluating the candidates, the two major issues are their Goals and Qualifications. Obama’s goals are radical changes. He would slow recovery by raising our taxes (we pay for taxing businesses!) and give the money to people who pay no taxes! He said he will cut our national defense development and institute huge programs that will cost billions!

John McCain’s goals put America’s most critical needs first. He wants to lower taxes and shrink government. He will veto bills with wasteful earmarks and demand we overhaul the loan regulations responsible for our current fiscal crisis.

The second issue is qualifications and experience. Senator Obama has charisma, but he lacks experience in making hard policy and economic decisions. Insufficient experience led to bad choices in 2 out of 4 major decisions President Kennedy made in his presidency.

Senator McCain has extensive experience in making hard decisions. He opposed government waste and earmarks, and fought to reform the bad lending regulations and unsound “social engineering” laws.

The real issue is clear. Do we trust the Democratic Party with control of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court? Do you want the fox to guard the hen house?

The Choice is Yours!



Pickering her pick for court

I strongly encourage everyone to vote for Mary “Kris” Pickering for Supreme Court Justice. Kris has an outstanding legal mind and has practiced law for over 28 years throughout the state in trial and appellate courts. Presently a partner in the firm Morris, Pickering and Peterson, Kris is experienced in all aspects of the law. She represents traditional values and a conservative position with respect to legal interpretation. Among her many qualifications, Kris has served as a settlement judge before the Nevada Supreme Court and served 16 years on the Nevada Board of Bar Examiners. Because I have known Kris personally for many years, I can vouch for her strong work ethic and dogged pursuit of excellence in whatever task she takes on. For more information see http://www.KrisPickering.com. A vote for Kris Pickering is the right choice for Justice for all Nevada.


Carson City

Why we support Roberts

Presidential elections are vitally important to all Americans. Our local representatives are even more important in our neighborhoods and daily lives. Voting for Chuck Roberts who is running for Lyon County Commissioner – District 1, is a vote for financially responsible government and Chuck will always be available to listen to YOUR concerns . Chuck’s experience as a local small business owner for the past 25 years and his numerous responsibilities involving the Lyon County community including the Planning Commission, Impact Fee Committee, Title 10 & 11 Committee, Central Lyon Fire Protection Policies, Master Panning Committee, Mound House Advisory Council, Volunteer Fireman and Nevada Peace Officer, make him the ONLY choice for Commissioner-District . Chuck Roberts has shown the ability to work with many individuals with different views, always maintaining his integrity, values and representing all of Lyon County’s citizens.

All the information about Chuck can be found at http://www.ElectChuckRoberts.com



Kristaponis will listen

I have lived in the Dayton-Mound House area for five years now and it has become obvious that we have a problem here. Our needs are often subjugated do to a lack of committed representation on the county commission. We need someone that listens to us, considers our needs and will ultimately act in the best of the county.

The current Lyon County Commissioner from the Dayton-Mound House area, Bob Milz, has voted consistently with the two commissioners from south of the Carson River, oftentimes at the expense of our area. It is obvious that Commissioners Tibbals and Hunnewill have selected Chuck Roberts as their replacement for Commissioner Milz and are grooming him to provide their third vote. This will effectively keep the balance of power shifted to the south. Their support for Mr. Roberts has been evident by Commissioner Hunnewill introducing and shepherding him to events and Commissioner Tibbals having his huge campaign trucks redone on one side with Roberts’ signs.

Dayton, Mound House, Silver City, Mark Twain, Stagecoach, Silver Springs, and Fernley need someone who is professional, independent and will effectively represent us. Donna Kristaponis is that someone!

Donna Kristaponis has shown us repeatedly that she listens to all sides of an issue, balances competing interests and acts in the best interest of the county. Donna is the only candidate that posses the qualifications necessary to be a successful commissioner. She is not timid in representing our interests and will make county government work for us.



Vote against government growth

I spent a large part of my career working for defense companies, designing systems to counter the Communist threat. We were concerned at the time that the Soviet Union would take over the United States, turning us into a system of a strong, controlling central government with few rights for the citizens. The Soviet threat is now gone, but the growth of the federal government that we all feared is happening nonetheless.

Soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, I heard a person who had lived under Communist rule state that “I feel I have come from your future.” Those were frightening words at the time, and even more so now when we see so many Americans willing to give up so many rights by granting the federal government even more power to tax and control us.

Be wary of whom you vote for in this election. Our freedoms and liberties depend on it.



Believes V&T will pay off

We are willing to invest now in Carson City’s future as it will provide employment for railroad employees both before and after construction as well as support services such as restaurants, motels, gaming, all from the tourist dollar.

One eighth of a cent would cost you about 3 cents a day; yes these are difficult economic times but we have to invest in making Carson a destination place not a drive through.

This proposal has a sunset clause assigned to it that means it will retire in 10-12 years.

Say what you want about Mayor Marv, but he is right on point to get 5 percent of the gross revenues that will be paid back to Carson for 99 years. That revenue would be used for parks, cultural events/programs, children’s activities, youth sports and special projects.

This could curtail a tax increase for those services in the future.

Passing Question 1 will ensure that the railroad terminal is constructed in Carson City rather than Mound House. A terminal in Lyon County would be a shame because why should they reap benefits for the lack of investment in the project. Let’s keep the terminal and the resulting tax revenue in Carson City where the revenue belongs. We don’t need any more non-completed projects in this city like the freeway bypass, Boys and Girls Club, etc.

My wife is retired and I’m semi-retired; we are both very mindful of taxes and tax increases especially on fixed incomes. Carson City is at a very important crossroads and it can look ahead and be proactive or decline. Informed voters will make the right decision.


Carson City

Liberal points not very original

Liberal hit piece letter writers generally cut and paste their stuff from the DailyKos Web site. James Rose is trying out a new model in his attack on James Settelmeyer published in Friday’s Appeal. But it’s still not very original.

Mr. Rose accuses Assemblyman Settelmeyer of being generally unavailable to his constituents, and trashes him soundly for his failure to appear in “open forums,” but cites only one example. Mr. Rose then praises Mr. Settelmeyer’s opponent for all manner of community outreach and cites ” wait for it ” zero examples. Now that’s analysis!

Mr. Rose rather nastily draws an invidious comparison between the Assemblyman and his deceased father, whom Rose claimed to have known. We’re supposed to see a bullseye squarely in the vital zone of the straw Assemblyman Mr. Rose built. I think most readers see a bag of bull.

Mr. Rose, from now on cut and paste from DailyKos like your fellow lefty kooks. Just change the words a bit so no one will think, you know, that you copied. You’ll find it less embarrassing when you step in your own bag of bull.



Obama supports gun ownership

The Obama campaign is doing, desperate, damage-control. It is Obama’s, blatant, and unpopular, extreme anti-gun-ownership (anti-Second Amendment) position that is the culprit. Obama’s campaign has recently been, falsely, declaring that Obama, actually, supports the “…individual right to own firearms” (in fact, door-to-door, Obama campaigners carry a prepared flyer that is full of double-talk, intentional-misstatements, and flat-out lies, supporting this claim).

However, Obama has, over the course of his political-career, repeatedly supported, virtually, every-single anti-gun action that has ever been proposed. These “reasonable”, and “common-sense” (his words), laws/policies have actually included; -bans on virtually all handguns (including “bans” that have been declared to be flatly-unconstitutional), the banning, of, common, semi-automatic civilian firearms (by bogusly calling them “assault weapons”), insanely-high taxes/fees on ammunition and commerce, the support of numerous ownership restrictions, -and… Yes…all manner of government “registration” schemes (designed, solely, to make it as difficult, and expensive, as possible to “legally” own a firearm). And finally, there is Obama’s choice of Joseph Biden (the Senator with the single worst, decades-long, anti-gun reputation) as his running-mate. They are even using entirely bogus “organizations” (that, despite their gun owner friendly sounding names, after a little research, are quickly shown to be nothing more than, tiny, political front organizations for, extremist, anti-gun groups). And, both candidates have repeatedly been caught equating common-firearms with such military weapons as “bazookas” and “flame-throwers”. Furthermore, both Obama, and Biden, keep asserting that the 2nd Amendment is somehow related to “hunting” or “sports-shooting”. It isn’t. It’s about the citizen’s “inalienable right” to defend themselves.

In short, it is obvious that Obama/Biden believes that our “Founding Fathers”…millions of law-abiding American gun-owners…and the U.S. Constitution, itself, are just, flat-out, wrong. And, both Obama and Biden have flatly stated that they do, fully-intend to begin putting this anti-gun philosophy into legislative-practice as soon they enter office.


Carson City

Setting the record straight on Obama’s background

Mr. Reneaux states that Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States. Not true: according to FactCheck.org, Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawai’i after it became a state, and their staff has personally confirmed the authenticity of document number 151 1961 010641. This is a non-partisan web site.

Mr. Reneaux also states that Barack Obama’s parents were not married. After Obama’s father abandoned him and his mother and returned to Kenya, his mother divorced his father. You cannot divorce someone from whom you were not married. Besides, since when is the marriage or non marriage of parents pertinent to whether a person is a citizen or not? It is not pertinent!

Mr. Reneaux does express an opinion by stating he thinks anyone and everyone who runs for office should confirm their citizenship with a birth certificate and prove they are “duly qualified to hold the position they are running for”. The United States Constitution, states that a person who wants to become President or Vice President of the United States must be at least 35 years of age and a “Natural Born” citizen, as is Barack Obama. However, persons who run for other Federal, State and Local offices may be “Natural Born” or “Naturalized” citizens. It is the responsibility of the voters (citizens of the U.S. who are registered to vote) to determine whether they are “duly qualified to serve and exercise the duties of the office” or not. The voters have to do their own research and then VOTE!

It sounds to me as if Mr. Reneaux may need a refresher course in civics. Western Nevada College provides such a course.


Carson City

Obama should answer the tough questions

Please, somebody tell me something about the man that may become our next president. John McCain and Joe Biden have been in the public eye for over 25 years so we know about them. When McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, reporters and the Democratic party converged on Alaska with a vengeance leaving no stone unturned and reported mostly anything negative that they could find. They didn’t have much good to say about her, which is surprising since she is the most popular governor in Alaska history.

What has Barack Obama been doing for the last 25 years? I know Obama was in the Illinois State Senate where he voted present over 100 times. My question is was he afraid to take a stand on issues or was he unable to make up his mind. I hope if elected he can make some decisions.

How about Michelle? I know the New York Times featured an uncomplimentary article on Cindy McCain. What was Michelle doing while Cindy was living in a tent helping Mother Teresa’s Orphanage? I have heard nothing about Michelle, why can’t the New York Times do an article on her life. Don’t want us to know?

Actually I know more about Todd Palin than I know about Barack or Michelle. As a matter of fact I know more about Joe the Plumber than I know about either of them. Poor Joe just happened to be hanging out with his kid when Obama walked down his street and Joe asked Obama a question, to which Obama answered he wanted to spread the wealth around. So the press and media KGB went after Joe for shedding a bad light on their candidate. Now we know everything there is to know about Joe, good or bad. A Florida TV station asked a tough question of Joe Biden, now they are officially cut off by the Obama campaign, no more interviews for them.

Is this what we can expect to come, if you ask tough questions watch out your life may be turned upside down by the press.



Don’t support tax increases

Should we let Carson City have a tax override on our homes? Not on your life! Notice that I did not mention the alleged purpose of the tax. Why? Because the alleged purpose doesn’t matter; the city cannot be trusted to put the money there.

Let’s say we currently spend $10 on public safety and we tax ourselves to spend another $5. That should mean we spend $15 on public safety. Wrong.

The city could decide to spend, say, $6 instead of $10 on public safety and add the “new” $5. The “new” $5 would still be spent as we voted but, with the reduction of the original $10 to $6, the total spent would be only $11.

We would have spent an additional $5 but would have gotten only $1 additional services!

Such shenanigans sound pretty shifty. Surely the city would not do such a thing. Uh-huh.

Remember the gasoline tax the citizens approved to contribute to the by-pass. Did it go there? Apparently, for a while. Now, however, half the tax money is coming back to the city in the form of credits for normal road maintenance.

To review: we taxed ourselves for a specific reason. The city is spending the money in another way.

Remember the Question 18 sales tax for Quality of Life items? The city intends to spend part of that money on land and then let the V&T lay track on part of it. Without paying! Free!

How does that contribute to quality of life? Can I walk on it, ride a horse on it if there is railroad track on it?

To review: we taxed ourselves for a specific reason. The city will spend the money in another way.

The DA would be knocking on your door if you managed your affairs the way the city does.

Maybe the roads need that much maintenance. Maybe the city should put more money into the V&T. That is irrelevant.

Those projects are not what we voted on. Don’t let them do it again.


Carson City

Kristaponis brings independent view

The upcoming local election is very important to all Lyon County residents. In particular, the race for commissioner seats. There is a clear choice for the District 1 seat. If you are a positive, forward-thinking person and would like to see Lyon County grow, but in a well planned manner, please vote for Donna Kristaponis. She has a very well defined background in planning and community development. She will definitely represent Northern Lyon County. If you like the way the political power is presently distributed, then you should support Mr. Roberts.

Donna Kristaponis was fired by Hunnewell, Tibbals and Milz. She is an independent thinker and obviously had problems with the politicians from the south. While Mr. Milz lives in the north, he votes along with the commissioners from the south on a regular basis. If you like the idea of the tail wagging the dog, you will want to vote for Mr. Roberts. If you like the idea of having the political clout more representative of the population, please vote for Donna Kristaponis.


Silver Springs

The media is lying to you

It is no secret the national media along with a majority of the nation’s local papers have become blatantly biased. The definition of “journalism,” which is described in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation,” seems to no longer matter. It has become apparent in this year’s Presidential race, that the main interest of journalists is not to objectively report facts, but rather seriously distort the truth and in some cases lie outright.

These distortions of the truth and ideological infested attacks illustrate how journalism, in its traditional sense, has died. The rate at which the media has spread these lies is nothing short of a propaganda campaign, which should not exist in a country founded on the principles of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Their attacks on Joe the Plumber and limited coverage of Senator Biden’s recent alarming comments, are just a few examples of such propaganda.

When ordinary citizens can no longer ask important questions without being chastised, and a politician’s disturbing predictions go unreported, it is then when journalism has become an attack on freedom. The media poses a danger to our democracy when it chooses to pursue its biased agenda instead of providing impartial coverage. For it is in these moments that journalism is no longer serving the ideals of truth and freedom, but rather deceiving and oppressing the citizens of America.



Democrats can set priorities right

Whoa! Missed it by “that much.” Old Maverick McCain almost got his puppet-master Joe Lieberman as his running mate. Would have given Obama the election like a six-inch gimmee putt. Traitor Joe, the man without a party. The Dems hate him, and the evangelicals would have stayed away from the polls. I was hoping.

But alas! Rove, Dobson, and the Religious Right knew it was time to throw a Hail Mary, er, Sarah. Palin was the red meat the Christian soldiers were salivating for. Unqualified, uneducated, uninformed. A homophobic Fundamentalist book-banner who actually thinks dinosaurs and man inhabited this planet simultaneously. Came out of the gate lying immediately. Couldn’t come up with a Supreme Court decision if I spotted her “Brown,” “Board,” and “Education.” Brought the truly ignorant out in droves. She is a tragic joke that the American public does not deserve.

And even more tragic are those chomping at the bit to vote for McCain/Palin. Do us all a favor and sit this one out. We’ve cleaned up from a Bush before. Remember, you’ve had your way for eight years. Shall we review some of this long nightmare?

A war started by lies from Bush, Cheney, and Rice (all three of whom should be tried for murder.) Prison camps, torture, rendition, illegal wire-tapping, indictments, convictions, a joke of a Justice Department, and an economy ruined by the greed of the rich and powerful.

We can fix this mess. Many of you may have to suffer through honest government, oversight, and subpoenas. Science, reason, and technology will return to the public arena. And, for you staunch nationalists, good relations with our global neighbors can be a positive thing. Geez, we may even get our Constitution back.


Carson City

Republicans practice revisionist history

Revisionist history has always annoyed me, and the Republicans specialize in it, so please allow me to address a few of the points you raised.

Our military does not have the right equipment because dating back to when Donald Rumsfeld was SecDef, he assumed that overwhelming force of “smart munitions” would quickly terrify any rebellion left after the initial invasion. When AL Qaida, the Shiia militias, and the Sunni insurgents (to name a few) proved unimpressed by this, his ego refused to allow more troops on the ground even when several generals urged this. The Bush administration also refused to pay for (among other things, like adequate veteran’s medical benefits, which are STILL not being taken care of) adequate armor for patrol vehicles, leading to the horrendous trauma being suffered by the front line troops. The Bush administration has always pushed for a sexy, smart, military to inspire “shock and awe” among our enemies. They’ve consistently voted against pay raises for the troops and veterans’ benefits for the wounded. But then, what would you expect from a couple of draft dodgers like George Bush and Dick Cheney? Oh, and by the way, the “surge” is NOT working. Even before we begin our draw down, sectarian violence has jumped significantly in the past two months. Again, by the way, I served in uniform for five years in the Navy, including a year with the Pacific Fleet, so yes, I am entitled to talk like this.

Yes, you’re right, the Democrats have consistently blocked drilling for new oil reserves for decades. What the Republicans always conveniently forget to mention is that (a) it will take 10 years from now to see any production from any new field, and (b) we have under our control at best 3% of the world’s oil reserves, and every year we consume 25% of the world’s oil production. I think an average high school student can do the math and conclude it would be good to push alternative energy sources, like, now.

Finally, sir, you mention the Democrats’ “unmitigated hatred” of George W. Bush. I can’t speak for any other democrats but, speaking for myself, you don’t know the half of it. Dick Cheney approved the outing of a CIA agent (probably leading to the torture and murder of her network) in express violation of federal law for no other reason than to “get even” with her husband for opposing Cheney’s march to war in Iraq. Cheney continued to lie about Al Qaida’s involvement in Iraq before the war, even after this was proven wrong by multiple intelligence services. Of course, Republican strategy has always been to repeat the same lie so often that people begin to believe it, a strategy John McCain is practicing now. George Bush and Dick Cheney have pursued unbridled deregulation of industry. We’ve all seen in the past two weeks what this has done to our economy. As a physician, I can tell you it’s even worse in health care, where that industry’s latest strategy is to cancel your policy as soon as you submit a major claim. Got cancer? SEE YA!! I’ve also spent the last 8 years watching people with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, who might have benefited from stem cell rersearch, being denied that choice. It’s OK to destroy the unused embryos from fertility clinics, but God forbid we try and do something useful with them..This is not only insulting, it flies in the face of common sense.

In closing, Mr. Posselt, I think you and I can agree on this: come November 4th, vote your conscience. And if the country tanks, remember, you had a choice…


Carson City

Who made Palin’s clothes?

Much has been said in recent days about Mrs. Palin’s new wardrobe and makeover furnished by the Republican National Committee. I doubt contributors to the RNC could have fathomed their money being spent at Neiman and Saks. And, although such purchases are “legal” they can hardly be considered “reasonable” for someone trying to appeal to the “hockey moms” and “huntresses” who will be voting next month. Putting such criticisms aside, what I have failed to hear is an inquiry into WHO MADE the clothes? Americans? I would HOPE so, since the GOP claims to care about The American Worker so much. “Show us the labels, Sarah!”



Palin on the other side of the tracks

The middle class on Main Street lives on the other side of the tracks from John McCain and the Republicans. We usually have just one house, if we’re lucky. But, I must admit, Sarah Palin and her children look pretty in the $150,000 worth of clothes the Republican National committee bought for them. I understand they come from wonderful stores like Neiman Marcus and Sachs Fifth Avenue. But, I wouldn’t know for sure. They’re on the other side of the tracks, too.



Roberts would work with all residents

I encourage my friends and neighbors in Lyon County to vote for Chuck Roberts for county commissioner. Chuck is running for the District 1 seat, which includes Dayton Valley, Mound House, and Silver City.

Chuck is a small-businessman and longtime resident of Mound House. He has worked his way up the ladder of community service. He has served on the Mound House Advisory Council and on the Central Lyon County Master Plan Committee. He currently is on the Lyon County Planning Committee and has served as its chairman.

Besides this experience, Chuck has a keen understanding of county finances and planning issues. He also has the ability to work with people who have a wide range of opinions. As Chuck says, he’s a businessman, not a bureaucrat.

Let’s elect Chuck Roberts our next county commissioner, a thoughtful, common-sense candidate who will work with all our citizens.



Kristaponis would get things done

I personally do not know Donna Kristaponis very well other than researching news articles over the years and attending the groups to hear her speak. That lady knows the business of Lyon county and every issue; she clearly explains alternatives, is open to new and different ideas. She questions county history and explores avenues that are more effective and efficient in getting things done right the first time. She opened a Dayton office so the major portion of Lyon count did not have to drive to Yerington for county business.

What a negotiator ! Dayton judge, his staff and the sheriff’s substation were crammed into such a small space that they shared desks and used the hall for files. Donna negotiated a new substation for the sheriff’s deputies for $1 a square foot. Now our court and sheriff’s offices can function to the top of their ability rather spending the day bumping into each other.

And how about this? State sets time line for “use or lose” park tax money which is paid by developers. Parks in mound house, Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs were about to lose this valued money if not for Donna who quickly reorganized the park staff, shuffled responsibilities and got the job done. She also worked with Carson City to complete the kayak trail between Carson and Dayton.

Donna Kristaponis is a real mover and shaker. If it needs to get done, she will do it and has done it. Her proven record supports her talent. I am certain, unlike one of our past commissioner’s Donna will not tell the community advisory committee that their opinion, their desires and suggestions “just do not matter.” Not on Donna’s watch, this worker-bee values all ideas. She has my vote.



V&T would be great tourist attraction

As an avid and long-time supporter of the rebuilding of the historical Virginia & Truckee Railroad, I am writing to express my strong support for the 1/8 of 1 cent sales tax ballot question CC1. I live in Douglas County, but have property in Carson City and do the bulk of my shopping in Carson City. I am on the Northern Nevada Railway Foundation as well as the Carson City Library Foundation. I worked for the City of Carson City for 22 years and been involved with many events that benefit Carson City.

The 1/8 of 1 cent sales tax will be used to finish the rebuilding of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, which will provide a much needed tourist destination in Carson City. The 1/8 of 1 cent sales tax will cost an average of $12 a year per person or around 3 cents a day, with a portion being paid by tourist and out of town shoppers.

When the train project is completed, Carson City will receive $300,000 to $400,000 a year to be placed in a fund for Parks and Recreation, the Carson City Library, youth activities, senior programs, everything! This money does not go into the City’s coffers for salaries!

Your support for this initiative will assist the Carson City leadership in rebuilding the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. “If you build the V&T, they (tourists and jobs) will come.” It will put Carson City on the map as a tourist destination.

We need to support this endeavor as it is the greatest tourism attraction that will ever come Carson City’s way. Let’s don’t miss this golden opportunity to make history and money for Carson City projects while keeping property taxes down.


Douglas County

A problem at the polls

I’m writing because of the looming specter of widespread voter disenfranchisement and a very real connection here in Gardnerville, Nevada. Last summer, those of us who reside in District 12 were notified that our numbers were too small to vote in a precinct, and that from now on we would be given mail-in ballots instead. Precinct 12 is located in Dressslerville, on the Washoe Indian reservation, and we vote collectively as Democrats–in all published results, there have seldom been more than a single Republicans voting in District 12. During the last general election two years ago, I was voting just before 7:00p.m. in the Dresslerville Elders Center, and I was very carefully watching the printed record of my voting as it recorded my electronic choices to insure that it would be properly recorded. Suddenly, I realized that my machine was recording my vote in Precinct 2 instead of Precinct 12: which is in Genoa. I immediately complained loudly, (I have and could call about 20 witnesses to this fact), and as the Precinct Captains checked machines, we discovered that all of them were recording our votes in Precinct 2 in Genoa…which I’m sure is not predominately Democratic. A call was made to the officials, who, by the way, are all Republicans in this county. I am not alleging voter fraud, but as I drop off my vote today and receive updates from national organizations watching for voter disenfranchisement, I cannot help but be concerned. It was the totals from that very election that recorded a low enough turnout to eliminate our Precinct and relegate all these Democrats to voting by mail. I am writing to the editors of local papers to put our election officials on notice: all votes should count, and all voters rights should be honored. Please record this complaint as public and as a warning to all voters statewide that you MUST read your printed ballots to insure that your vote is being correctly recorded on all levels. We cannot allow these kinds of things to happen in Nevada. I want my neighborhood polling place back, I want my Precinct Captains back, I want to vote in person, and I want my community honored as just as important and valid as any other in Douglas County.

Laura Smith Fillmore


Questions on the V&T

I have some questions about the V&T Railroad.

When it is all completed to Carson City, what will the price of the tickets to ride the train be?

I have seen pictures of the train depot in Minden from back in the nineteen-fifties.

What happened to the land, rails and ties?

And with the economy is going – who can afford to ride the train?


Carson City

Vote for anyone but Crowell

If lobbyist/lawyer Bob Crowell becomes Mayor, will he do for Carson City what he’s already done to our schools? Considering what a mess Carson schools are, we can’t stand that kind of “leadership.” To avoid that disaster and for other reasons, we need ABC for Mayor: Anybody But Crowell.

The Appeal has alternately ignored and misrepresented the schools mess and Crowell’s key role in creating it. Start with last Saturday’s page one lead story headline: “Carson makes progress,” written by a fairly new reporter who was conned by district spin-meisters. It begins: “The Carson City School District has met its goals for yearly improvement under the federal No Child Left Behind act, the district announced Friday.”

The graphic with the story shows, however, that only four of Carson’s ten schools have made “adequate yearly progress (AYP)”, as required by the act to assure that our kids and we taxpayers are getting reasonable value from the schools. A 40% success rate and 60% failure rate for Carson schools is not making progress. Even Washoe County did better, and Lyon, Storey and Douglas counties did much better.

The story also didn’t report that Carson schools are getting worse, which they are. Last year, eight of the ten passed, but this year only half of those were still passing. The flunk rate went up by 200%! And before anyone claims that some of the schools are close to passing or makes excuses, remember that AYP is a very modest standard and we shouldn’t even be close to missing it in any of our schools.

What’s Bob’s take and role in all of this? Well, he’s not only the head cheerleader, but he’s also been the mainstay of the school board for nearly 12 years, including President some years and real head honcho throughout. The June 17 minutes show that Crowell said “he believes that the District has done a wonderful job complying with” the act. While he says that, Mr. Hypocrite sent his own kids to private schools, instead of trusting them to Carson schools. But he’s determined to deny real school choice to folks who are not as rich as he.

He also led the school board for years in numerous violations of state open meetings laws, claiming that the board’s practices were required by the law before the state Attorney General’s office corrected those claims at a school board retreat meeting. Some lawyer!

If Crowell thinks a school district failing our children this way shows his great “vision” and “leadership”, be very afraid for how the City would fare with him as Mayor. Nor did the Appeal report that Crowell led the school board members in giving themselves a 400% raise in their pay? With Crowell and the district also wasting over $20,000 to have two Superintendents now, maybe he’ll give us two City Managers.

Another reason for ABC is that there are five better candidates. For environmentalists and Democrats, Jim Shirk wants to fight pollution. For other liberals and Democrats, there’s Pete Hansel, who leads various protests. For family Republicans, Sean Lehmann. For limited-government Republicans and other moderates and conservatives, there’s Rockin’ Rev Ken Haskins. And for anyone who wants a conservative Republican with a great sense of humor, try Steve McClung.

More reasons? The code words Bob uses in his mail piece: “fiscal responsibility.” For a tax-and-spend leftist like Bob, that means he wants to raise taxes, but can’t say so until after the election is over, because saying it would cause sensible Nevadans to vote against him.

Ethics? Mr. School Trustee, is the school Superintendent’s financial support in your race repayment for you helping cover up what a terrible job the district has done under her management?

Indeed, Bob’s profession as a lawyer/lobbyist has made him a key tool of more special and vested interests than anyone in town – and they’ve opened their checkbooks to massively fund his race. He’s worked for casinos, trial lawyers, out-of-state energy companies wanting to pollute Nevada, you name it. But best is the way he lawyered and lobbied to raise Nevada electric bills. He came right out and argued that electric bills should be raised so utility stockholders could get higher profits! As Mayor, he’d also get to vote to raise your water and sewer rates even higher!

Final reason: Bob’s pompous smugness. At the first candidate’s forum, the final question must have been chosen to showcase Bob. It asked about the effect of City redevelopment on school district revenues – an obscure non-issue. All the other candidates got to stumble before Bob got to speak last. He began condescendingly: “Let me tell you how this works.” Then he blew it. He said that redevelopment funding diminishes school district take, but he forgot to tell folks that the state makes up the shortfall, so there’s really little or no effect.

ABC: Anybody But Crowell for Mayor. We’ve had enough of him.

Bill Travis is a former lawyer and state employee in Carson City, not working for any mayoral campaign.

Why he supports McCain/Palin

John McCain has proven his first priority is country, not party or self. I appreciate his military service and national defense knowledge, and his independence. I do not always agree with john but I trust him to have everyone’s interest in his decisions. John’s plan on financial recovery is best. John is by far the best on national defense. John is best on health care. Government run health care is not . Good (example Canada) John’s plan on financial recovery is best. Raising taxes will only prolong the recession. When a businesses is taxed the tax is ultimately paid by the consumer. John has been accused of being part of the reason for the failure of Fannie May and Freddie Mack. Not so. In 2005 John raised the alarm that Fannie May and Freddie Mack were in the red. His plan for more oversight was killed in the Democratic controlled committee. The likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are the real villains.

Sarah Palin, what an asset she would be in Washington, D.C. I never heard of her before she was nominated as John McCain’s running mate. I have studied her life experiences and found that she is very intelligent, has self control in all situations, excellent morals, great personality, can relate well to all, be it a king or a day laborer, very knowledgeable of world affairs, highest approval rating of any governor at 80 percent.

I would trust this lady to be my president on day one.



Candidate makes case for state school board

I’ve spent my entire life educating and caring about our children, as a college teacher, local school board member and state school board member, among many other efforts. I have decided to run for the State Board of Education because educating Nevada’s children is so important to me and also because public education faces such a challenging and uncertain future.

It has become obvious that the burdens placed upon our public schools by the federal “No Child Left Behind” Act are not worth the money we get from the federal government. It’s time to end our participation in NCLB in Nevada. I want our teachers to be free in their own classrooms without the constant interference that NCLB creates. Our education efforts need to be directed toward individual student needs in the classroom.

I’m running for the State Board because I believe that we can find solutions. It is time for our schools to focus on structural reforms, returning to basics, and reducing the massive burdens of administrative overhead that keep our tax dollars from getting to the classroom and providing a top-flight education for our children.

I’m a 28-year resident of Carson City and a fourth-generation Nevadan. I’ve been a Professor of Economics at Western Nevada College for the last 19 years. Also, I am a licensed Nevada business education teacher.


Carson City

If I lived in Carson City …

If I lived in Carson City I would gladly pay the very small extra amount in taxes to keep your historic and precious V&T Railroad on the move. It is almost beyond me to understand how anyone would not want to preserve this piece of history that is so important to all of us who care about our western heritage. Even though I don’t live in Carson City I have considered it my “Town” for the last 36 years and have been extremely proud to share in its historic treasures. You have the Capitol, Kit Carson, and the railroad museum to mention just a few and now have an opportunity to preserve one of your greatest assets and historical pieces of your entire history. Please don’t give up on this golden opportunity to preserve this fine piece of your heritage that will certainly pay you back time and time again. It seems like a very small sacrifice on your part for something that should live on forever.


Washoe Valley

Don’t vote for Waters

Well men if you want equal treatment and justice in district court then do not vote for Noel Waters. When he was D.A. his office ignored the law when it came to prosecuting women; who kidnapped children. At least the Attorney General at the time was willing to get involved.


Carson City

Your vote is important

Do you know somebody you respect, but disagree on whether Obama or McCain should lead the free world? Maybe you could agree to vote for a candidate from another party. As long as you live in the same state you are not throwing your vote away because you were going to cancel each other out anyway.

It would be nice to see some larger numbers for parties that really do want change.



Disgusted by McCain’s tactics

I’m writing to express my disgust with the McCain campaign and to urge you to continue to inform your readers of the dishonesty at the heart of his campaign.

In September there was a large amount of attention paid to the dishonest statements coming from McCain. The lies ran the gamut: from lies about Barack Obama’s record to lies about Sarah Palin’s accomplishments.

Coverage of these has decreased. But McCain’s team is continuing their appalling behavior. They are attacking Barack Obama for attending a meeting with a man named Rashid Khalidi, even though John McCain steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to Khalidi’s foundation. If John McCain really had a problem with Mr. Khalidi, he never would’ve done that, so we can only assume rank hypocrisy on the part of his campaign on this.

And Sarah Palin took an old radio interview of Barack Obama’s and twisted the words completely, reversing his message.

We need a new kind of politics, one where McCain’s dishonest personal attacks have no place. I urge you to do your part in covering these tactics and exposing them for the dishonest and dishonorable tactics they are.



Don’t vote for the V&T

Public vs. Private is not the Question.

While some suggest the V&T Commission should seek private financing, this argument is not a workable solution in the current environment. Accountability is the important issue, not philosophy or psychology.

First, if California can’t get money to fund their budget, what makes anyone think that private investors are interested in municipal bonds for a tourist railroad project? Second, the Commission has no credibility or credit rating to be able to float a bond issue. Carson City will have to float the bonds backed by their credit rating.

The voters of Carson City must ask themselves some clarifying questions. Has the Commission ever delivered what they have promised within budget? Is the Commission telling the truth about the total costs of the project? Where will they get another $20 million they need after they get another $10 million from Carson City?

The most important question is to ask, “has Carson City already paid their fair share?” The original intent of the state law from 1993 was that costs be shared among the participating counties. If Carson City is ready to pay for a project where the bulk of the benefit goes to Washoe County, then vote yes. If Carson City is not willing to sink millions more into a black hole, then vote no on the railroad sales tax increase!

The Commission is taking a full steam ahead approach and ignoring the law and accountability. If you blindly trust the Commissioners, then vote yes on the railroad tax.



Voting for pro-life candidate

It appalls me that ANYONE claiming to be a moral, Bible-believing person, could even THINK of voting for Barack Obama!

His record of support allowing living babies, children who are born alive, having survived a botched abortion suffering, fighting for life, to die in a closet with NO assistance, is abhorrent to me!

He also supports transporting minor girls across state lines for a secret abortion without parental knowledge!

He supports Partial Birth Abortion, the killing of babies with a pair of scissors being jabbed into their brain as they are partially emerged from their mothers’ wombs!

Wake up Americans … God will not bless America, as long as we MURDER His babies!

There are MANY important issues before us, but Human Life is by far the most crucial if we hope to survive with God’s blessings.

John McCain, though NOT as much a Constitutionalist as I like, is definitely Pro-Life.



Obama doesn’t respect sanctity of life

Minimally mentioned in the current political debate is the issue that might well determine the legacy of an Obama presidency. Before a Planned Parenthood Action Fund gathering in July of 2007, Obama proclaimed that his first act as president would be to sign into law the “Freedom of Choice Act” (S.1173) which would nullify all federal and state limitations on abortion including partial-birth abortion.

During this procedure, routinely performed after the 28th week, the abortionist repositions the baby so that it leaves the mother feet first. When all of the baby except the head is out of the birth canal, the abortionist drives scissors into the base of the skull and suctions out the brain, delivering a dead baby. Witnesses report seeing the baby’s tiny hands opening and closing and its tiny feet kicking. Democrat Senator Daniel Moynihan described this procedure as nothing less than “infanticide.” U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop declared that partial-birth abortion is never justified.

Praise has been heaped upon Senator Obama as the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever by Planned Parenthood (the USA’s leading abortion provider and major recipient of federal funding) and the National Abortion Rights Action League. Planned Parenthood has thrown its full support behind his candidacy with a rare official endorsement.

Senator Obama’s dedication to abortion rights extends beyond in-utero destruction of life. While a member of the Illinois State Senate three times he argued from the senate floor and voted against the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.” The purpose of this legislation was to protect babies who survived botched abortions. Living babies were routinely left to die unattended in the soiled linen room.

Reasonable people on both the left and the right must reject out of hand the extreme advocacy of partial-birth abortion and the denial of legal protection for failed abortion survivors. What does Obama’s grandiose scheme for the future of America matter if it is built on a complete disregard for the sanctity of life? Denial of the most fundamental right – the right to life – for the least of our citizens places the presidency far above Senator Obama’s paygrade.


Carson City

Who’s the real Obama?

Will the real Obama please stand up? His concealed Marxist philosophy has just surfaced: “Redistribute the wealth …” “The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.” Terrorists like bomber William Ayers, fraudulent Acorn operatives, a takeover of health care by government, acceptance of support of Kenyan Marxist President Odinga (this guy helped murder thousands of Christians and promote Shiria law in Kenya).

Isn’t this a pair to draw to ” Obama and his leftist wife? These wolves in sheeps’ clothing are about to tear our Constitution to shreds. Next on his agenda will be an Islamic-Shiria law to take over America just as the Muslims are destroying England bit by bit.

Wake up you ignorant liberals before it’s too late.


Carson City

Supporting Felton for school board

Change is a big theme in this year’s political landscape and it’s needed at the local level every bit as much as the national level. This year, we need to elect Greg Felton to the Douglas County School Board. In terms of connection to the schools, education, leadership experience, and service to our community Felton beats Trigg hands down. Felton has four kids in the schools, Trigg has none. Felton holds three degrees,

Trigg has none. Felton is a leader in many community organizations including Boy Scouts, Douglas County Search & Rescue, Civil Air Patrol and others. A recent editorial letter praised Trigg for making board meetings even though she had worked thousands of hours for the state Democratic Party, worthy service I’m sure, but Felton’s service is better tied to our community.

Over the past two years Felton has attended most board meetings, served on a district committee to evaluate the capital improvement needs of all Douglas County schools, and advocated for the safety of our children to the point of getting the federal government to ask the district to change course. Felton was an advocate while Trigg sat by idly. The challenges facing our schools are not new to Felton and he will hit the ground running. He’ll ask the right questions and foster the creation of the best schools possible.

As an incumbent, and with all the advantages of being entwined with the state Democratic Party, Trigg would seem to have all the political advantages – mass mailings, organized ground pounders, name recognition, etc.. However, Felton’s years of senior management experience at a fortune 500 company, combined with exceptional analytical skills and high energy will strengthen our school board far more than keeping the status quo. Make the best choice for our children, vote for Felton.


Zephyr Cove

Supporting Kristaponis

What Donna has on her postcard is 100% true. My husband, who is a Lyon county employee, and I have been with her since she began exploring the possibility of running for county commissioner. She starts every talk with a statement that she is running for commissioner to improve Lyon County, and not to “get even” for being fired as County Manager. She and her husband Ron chose to live in Lyon County and could have moved away after she was fired. They both love it here and plan to stay a long, long time.

Donna’s has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and extensive experience in urban and regional planning. She has held the position of city and county managers. Tim watched her deal with many complicated issues when she was County Manager. He liked how she was able to get people to actually sit down to talk to each other and work towards finding solutions. She has worked in several large cities in Florida and Texas during times of explosive growth. She has “been there; done that” in planning for growth.

While our economy is in a downturn, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts Nevada’s population will grow by 50% in the next 20 years. Lyon County’s population will double with 49,000 new people moving here. While Douglas will see “only” 4000 and Carson City will have about 1200 new residents. Lyon County must have someone experienced in planning for this growth and economic development before it starts. Donna can do just that.

She recognizes we need healthy, attractive communities to bring quality business here. Businesses need skilled, educated workers. Those people want to live in “livable” communities. You cannot have one without the other.

One of Donna’s greatest strengths is to bring together all the people and their interests to talk and work toward solutions and creating goals. We cannot have intelligent growth without involving EVERYONE in the process.

The future is here and we can prepare for it now or react to it later. Just a reminder that all commissioner seats are elected “at-large”, and don’t forget Early Voting has started!



Why he’s voting for Chuck Roberts

Chuck Roberts is the candidate Lyon County needs for Commissioner. I have known him as a friend for 23 years. Chuck exemplifies Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a Citizen Politician. One who own and runs a business, understands the citizens’ need for fair play and hard work, from government, and also finds the time to participate in government to achieve those ends. Chuck has been self employed in manufacturing in Lyon County for 25 plus years and has worked for the planning commission for 6 years. Roberts is one of the most reasoned individuals I know, never hasty in judgment, and always willing to listen to, and weigh opposing viewpoints. His strongest attribute is his desire to see the equal application of the law to, all citizens. And his goal is to have County Statutes and Master Planning which will stand the test of time, to better the citizens of Lyon County. Most importantly Chuck is a Citizen Politician, and a long time resident of Nevada, and Lyon County. The professional political class wants Donna elected, because she is one of them. It is time to refresh our Democracy, Lyon County is in need of fresh leadership. Vote for Chuck Roberts.


Carson City

Is Cindy voting for Sarah?

I title this: “Why Cindy McCain might vote for OBAMA!” or “GI Joe (John), likes Caribou Barbie (Palin) and Cindy’s Jealous”

Watch out! Obama might have a REALLY unexpected person voting for him from the Republican side of the fence, Cindy McCain!

Call it a “woman’s intuition”, but did you notice how Cindy McCain is always stuck to McCain like glue, never more than 5 feet behind him in every campaign rally shot or appearance, instead of off on her own campaigning for him like Michelle does for Obama?

Could it be because of the way McCain practically glows whenever he talks about or is near Palin and jumps to her defense faster than to the defense of the middle class that his campaign is supposed to be about?

Could it be because McCain’s leering smile whenever he’s around Palin looks like he’s remembering the pictures we’ve all seen by now of a hot-looking Palin dressed only in a stars and stripes bikini holding a gun? Could it be because McCain, against all logic, passed over many more qualified (but perhaps less attractive women) to pick this younger, prettier woman that he met only once in a bar to be his “#2”?

I guess, since votes are secret, we’ll never really know for sure if Cindy voted for Obama. But, if Obama wins by a landslide AND Cindy McCain happens to look relieved instead of deflated at McCain’s concession speech, I think most women will understand why.



Palin’s pretty; if only she had her act together

It’s enough to turn anyone’s head. A pretty girl showing up and flashing her smile fit to light up the whole town. How can you not get excited by her? She’s pretty and popular and for an afternoon she’s here smiling at us, waving, and speaking so nice. Energizing. Amazing. Astounding. Thesauruses fail to supply more superlatives. Why, you’d have to be a real wet blanket not to love her.

Sadly, I find myself thrust into such a role. I’ve learned that pretty comes and pretty goes and it’s always best to take a second look once the thrill of the moment has passed. It is thus with heavy heart that I must address the subject of Sarah Palin and what she means for Nevada and America.

For instance, she spoke briefly about McCain’s energy policy and how she supports it. Given a 1/3 chance that she’ll be President Palin if McCain is elected, it seems only pertinent to ask what comes afterwards. Unromantic, I know, but I really like to know where this relationship might be heading. Say Congress decides to drill and suck every last drop of crude from our shores, Alaska, strip mines oil shale from the southwest … what then? With only token obligitory mentions of alternative energy, one of Nevada’s ‘ear-marks’, will America be able to maintain our economic advantage after so many years? I have to wonder how useful pretty will be with the country’s energy credit cards maxed.

And if the worst should befall McCain, and Palin take the helm of the state, what would her foreign policy doctrine be? President Bush has given her a wide variety policy doctrine to embrace, if she so chose. She seems a bit fuzzy on the details of any of them, but what’s the worse that could happen, apart from Al Quida retaking Afganistan, an Iraq engagement lasting a century, or a third war with Iran? I’d like to know how she’s going to work with Russia to secure loose nuclear weapons when she believes Russia should be kicked from the G-8, or even engage in outright war to curb russian interests. It’s rather hard to engage in diplomacy with a moose rifle in hand.

But let’s consider the wallet. Now McCain has boldly declared he is going to slash three trillion and change in tax revenue. Apparently he believes that three trillion goes to earmarks because his only response to how he is going to offset that revenue is by cutting ‘pork barrel politics.’ But does Palin feel the same? She’s from the state that is high hog on federal spending, having no problem accepting hundreds of millions for a bridge to 50 residents until it becomes unfashionable. Even then, Alaska tucked away millions after returning some of the cash. So is Palin going to slash millions in alternative energy research funding and water and land conservation while continuing to pour billions into Yucca Mountain? Somehow when a pretty girl tells me she’s saving money by cutting the Starbucks, it’s not as convincing when she does so with a brand new five thousand dollar purse on her arm.

It seems to me that the Palin presidency, should it come to pass, would hardly be a match up we expect. It strikes me like the relationships of Hollywood stars, dazzling and dramatic and thank goodness it’s happening to some one else. But should Palin become president, it would be happening to us; every one of us. To our families if we go to war or are unable to fuel our cars. To our businesses if we are incapable of stabilizing our markets or meet our energy demands. Forgive me, but I’d rather take a normal person who has their act together than a pretty one who doesn’t.

David Bushey

Carson Valley

Military experience important for president

Okay, I surrender. I was wrong in all the foul things I said about Barack Obama and Cliff Yeater of Stagecoach is right. So I stand corrected and I apologize for the misinformation. I guess my emotions got carried away with all the political mudslinging that’s going on over the radio and television, plus I include my strong dislike towards Barack Obama. However, I will say this. I’m a veteran of wars who served 31 and a half years in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy. In both services I learned that to give out a command one must first learn how to take a command. Barack Obama has never been in any one of our armed forces, nor has never had to use any executive force in giving out orders. Being only a Senator doesn’t cut it with me and it doesn’t hold water in a paper bag. Senators don’t give out orders. They vote on ideas and make decisions and half the time they’re wrong. If Barack Obama has never had the authority to give out any kind of orders how in the world is he going to be able to fulfill the shoes of our next Supreme Commander in Chief? If a person of his caliber becomes our next president he’ll be putting the lives of our boys and girls in the armed forces in jeopardy. Hitler made this same mistake in trying to run his own war. Think about it.



Roberts would be independent voice

I urge you to vote for Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner representing District 1 in Dayton Valley, Mound House and Silver City. Chuck is a team player. Chuck has displayed his ability to work alongside local citizens in his many years of volunteering with various citizens groups, including the Central Lyon County Master Plan Committee, the committee to study the pros and cons of incorporation in the Dayton area, and the Mound House Town Advisory Council.

As a local business owner, Chuck is aware of the many challenges facing small businesses in Lyon County. He supports fiscal responsibility throughout the county.

Being a current member of the Lyon County Planning Commission, Chuck has the experience and knowledge for land use decision-making. He recognizes the need for diversity in commercial, industrial, and residential development.

And most importantly, Chuck is honest, forthright and dedicated. In no way is he affiliated with any special interest groups in Lyon County. As a longtime resident of Lyon County, I encourage you to support Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner.



Obama makes her feel positive

Just as we clearly know the difference between a drought and a sweet rainfall, I am sure hoping we all are noticing the difference between, not only the two candidates and their vastly different remedies, temperaments and policy positions, but consider the Obama supporters and campaigner workers: both paid and volunteers. We do not engage in hating on people! Why?

Because we are TOO BUSY!!! We are so fully engaged in pouring our time and energy and everything we’ve got into a positive vision, a really good man, a constructive future that the thought of yelling out invective, threatening candidates, trolling on their sites or spewing hate on talk radio just is not on our radar.

It’s like when you are in a brand new relationship. And you are really happy, after a long time being alone…Or,do you spend time thinking of all the people who hurt you? Heck NO!

Won’t you join us in our exciting and grand new relationship, no matter your party registration? Let’s work together on climate change, on shared sacrifice, on taking care of all our kids, on solving these huge issues. After 8 years of what will not be seen as America’s best years, please join us on this side of the sun.

Vote Barack Obama For the Sun Factor!

Feel good about yourself and your country again.



A Democrat but not a fan of Obama

I am a registered Democrat here in Lyon County and happy to see the presidential campaign ending on Election Day. I have studied the candidates for president and looked at both and not being a large fan of McCain, I do know that Obama is not the right choice for president of this country.

He lacks trust because I believe he is still and always will be a Muslim and that is his faith and he lies about it. He lies about his involvement with Bill Ayers; Rev. Wright only as a spiritual leader, God help us if he is taking directions from him. In my opinion he has said one truth so far, he will cut the military more than what it is already. Clinton cut it by 50 percent, that’s why Bush had to call up the Guard after 9/11.

His “Redistribution” of our taxes is nothing more than welfare and that is a socialist view of making sure everyone has some of what a lot of us have worked very hard for. If this plan becomes reality, it could well turn into an economic nightmare by punishing the most productive in order to reward the least productive in our country. As one of Obama’s mentors, Frank Marshal Davis, an admitted communist, taught him spreading of the wealth is from Karl Marx’s famous dictum: “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.”

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Franks, Dodd in charge they will draft laws, take taxes, take our guns, and take our dignity. We will be a socialist country with a dictator in charge. Stop Obama on Nov. 4.



Supporting Roberts for commission

First a “disclaimer:” I’m a community volunteer. I can’t help myself, and I don’t think even “intervention” will help. With that admission I’ll say that if a candidate indicates that he or she wants to be elected to a position of responsibility, the FIRST thing I look for is what he or she has done for the community and area where they’ve lived. In other words, have they shown they care not by what they have SAID but also by what they have DONE?

In the Lyon County Commissioner District 1 race there is a candidate who has worked hard, with no pay, as a community volunteer for many, many years. If Chuck Roberts isn’t a really, really good guy, he sure has wasted a lot of time working with no reward serving Lyon County! Does he have a “hidden agenda?” Well, if Chuck has a hidden agenda, it is only that he’ll consistently do what is best for Lyon County. That looks like a pretty good “hidden agenda” to me!

When Chuck announced he was running I’d never actually met him but I’d seen him “in action” on community and county boards. Chuck has volunteered in Lyon County for as long as I can remember, most recently serving on the Lyon County Planning Commission. I’d seen him, for example, insist that the Lyon County Master Plan be logical, consistent, and fair. I’d watched Chuck insist that projects brought before the Planning Commission be well defined and consistent with both the Master Plan and the law. I had also seen him irritate various folks by asking for more definition of their projects or other changes. Nonetheless, what I’ve also seen is that he has been consistent and fair. To my surprise, when I expressed my thoughts to my friends whom he’d had board-level disagreements with, ALL (literally – I have GOOD friends!) agreed with me – they, too, were supporting Chuck! Why, considering their apparent differences with him? Because they trust him! He has no hidden agenda – I think he’d turn purple and fall over if he tried to lie!. He is plain spoken. He is consistent. He is fair. He wants the best for all of us in Lyon County. Wow, what else could we want?

Yes, I know his opponent, Donna Kristaponis. I know, for one thing, that while Donna has lived in Lyon County for a few years, her only community involvement has been limited to a few memberships but with no volunteer effort, plus a previous PAID position as County Manager (from which she was fired). In my opinion this is not a good demonstration of commitment!

The second thing I look for is honesty and integrity. I may not always agree with Chuck, but I think he has shown that he never tells anyone something he does not believe or that he’ll deny when talking to someone else. His opponent, on the other hand, defends herself from criticisms of her actions as Lyon County Manager by claiming that her bosses in secret MADE her do things and take positions that she thought were wrong. Even if that were true – and I have some personal knowledge and my detailed meeting notes showing that it is not – where is the integrity in that?

I was very impressed by Donna the first few times I met her, but then I sat in several meetings where another side was revealed; I realized that I had to judge her not by what she SAID but by what she DID, and what she was doing was not good for the county or its people. Also, what she said seemed to be changing with the audience. On the other hand, Chuck may have disagreed with some of us on how he has voted on individual planning issues, for example, but we’ve always known that he had integrity and voted what he felt was the law and what he felt was right for the county.

When asked at the DRAC Candidates Night the differences between the two candidates, Chuck said succinctly, “Donna is a person who TELLS you and acts on that while I’m a person who ASKS you and listens to what you say.” I thought that was very accurate and very perceptive. If for no other reason THAT would be a sufficient reason to support Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner District 1.



Upset by theft of Obama sign

Someone stole an Obama sign from our yard this week, the second one at that spot. Rude and immature certainly, but also reflecting poorly on how that person was raised, on their own favorite candidate, and showing a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be an American.

We enjoy enormous political freedoms here in this country, we work to make democracy work and we would like to set a good example for the less fortunate people around the world. There were serious doubts at the time of our revolution about whether a democracy could succeed Many people wondered if mob rule would be the result. No democracy had ever been established and lasted any length of time before. Our founding fathers compromised with democracy and formed a representative government instead. That is why we vote for presidents every 4 years, for congress every two years, for senators every 6 years, and federal judges are appointed for life, to stagger the terms, so the fad or panic of one year would not turn the whole government upside down.

That was not good enough for the people in the separate states. They demanded guaranteed freedoms before they would agree to be bound by the Constitution. That is why we have the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment was for free speech and religion. You can speak and worship however you please. You will not be arrested, tried and convicted in this country for speaking your mind. The Second Amendment promised you guns, if you want them. The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. The list goes on. Read it someday.

These freedoms mean I can put up my yard sign and you can put up yours. That means we can all buy guns for what ever purpose we please; that the police can not stop your car with my sign in your back seat, unless they have some good reason. These freedoms are a problem. They can be abused. They require maturity and intelligence. You can not shout “Fire” in a crowded theater. You can not practice a religion that requires the torture of animals. You can not shoot your neighbor, or even discharge a gun in the city limits. And we rely on police to understand what a reasonable search and seizure is and who do not abuse their authority.

When you steal my yard sign, ask yourself if the founding fathers were right in hoping that we can make democracy work, if the basic good will between people is enough to make our country something to be proud of. Ask yourself if you would rather live in a country where people are tortured for speaking their minds, where women are stoned to death for flirting with men, where armed gangs rule the streets and the governments. Ask yourself how you can promote intelligent discussion of the issues and the election of responsible representatives to your government.

Yes, I saw on TV tonight that someone vandalized a car in Reno that had a McCain sign on it. That person needs to think about this too. This letter is to vandals, anyone who thinks that stealing signs and scratching car paint is easier than building a solid country of responsible citizens.



Carson City

Race is behind endorsement

If you read Guy Farmer’s angina monologue Oct. 26 and you’re still wondering how the least experienced Presidential candidate in our nation’s history earned Farmer’s endorsement, you might have missed a clue. Farmer mentioned that his own children are mixed-race, just like Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh correctly pointed out that Farmer’s hero, Colin Powell, endorsed Obama because they’re both black. What makes this empty suit “transformative,” as Powell prominently labeled him, except that he’s black? Mr. Farmer’s endorsement is for no more noble reason than that.

Here’s what Farmer is commending to us.

Obama says economies are built from the ground up (which would be news to Haiti and Somalia), so he’ll tax employers and spread their wealth around.

There’s no glory in seven years without terror attacks. Like the bridges that never collapse, we take them for granted. Let’s ditch those warmonger Republicans and bring on that military challenge Joe Biden promised. Let’s give this transformative president and his Democrat congress a chance to show us what they’re made of. Or not.

As Bush fought the terror war, the Democrats opposed and obstructed his every effort, with Farmer’s gleeful participation. Now it’s their war. Let’s see how they do.



Amazed by the candidates’ resumes

The state colors are wrong; it should be blue for the Republicans and red for the Democrats. Isn’t it amazing that Obama can not pass a background check to be in the FBI but he can become president and have access to state classified information. It is also amazing that his citizenship is questionable. Isn’t it also amazing that Governor Palin is the most qualified to be president when neither of the presidential candidates have had an in-charge job in public service.



Supporting Felton for school board

Douglas County is fortunate to have Greg Felton running for a school board seat in the current election. Greg is strongly committed to helping the schools, both at the lake and in the valley and has the dedication to follow through with this commitment.

Greg has been a key parent in Boy Scout Troop #468. He was instrumental in combining both the California and Nevada troops at the lake, resulting in a great group that has benefited from working together. Although he wasn’t a Scout himself, he’s dedicated himself to learning all about Scouting and supporting his three boys and all of our kids with their Scouting activities. Through his leadership, all Scouts in the combined Troops are now working toward achieving the rank of “Eagle Scout”. Four Scouts have accomplished this goal in the last year and five more are currently working on their Eagle projects. Our families really appreciate all he does with this organization and know he would be a tremendous asset to the Douglas County School Board. The school district needs the professionalism that he exhibits in everything he does. You can learn more about him and see his answers to questions people have asked at a web-site he has set up – felton.vpweb.com

Since we aren’t Douglas County residents, we aren’t able to vote for Greg, however, we hope you will!







South Lake Tahoe

McCain’s policies militaristic, confrontational

Senator McCain’s presidential campaign is reinforced by military exaltation, personal attacks and hero-worship. “I’d rather lose an election than a war,” he stated.

McCain calls for the overthrow of Iraq, Libya and North Korea. “I’d institute a policy that I call, “Rogue state rollback,” he said. He continues, “The U.S. could be in Iraq for maybe a hundred years and that would be fine with me.”

Senator Obama will sacrifice love of country to be president. He’s too arrogant and inexperienced,” he quotes. “History has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need,” he said. McCain states, “Obama launched his political career in the living room of Mr. Ayers, you don’t trust a politician from Chicago.” The character assaults on Senator Obama by the McCain-Palin Republican ticket lacks the dignity of a nation in need of stability and leadership in the 21st century. Anti-Islamic and racist overtones by McCain’s surrogates reflects the disturbing nature of an empire reeling from a history of civilian, political and presidential assassinations. McCain-Palin rallies are being noted for its vile threats. Audiences are becoming frenzied and angrily shouting, “Bomb Obama, he’s an Arab and kill the terrorist!” This disgraceful hatred serves no purpose in a country battling with the coming of a different future at home and abroad. The seemingly lack of courage, by some Americans, to be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all remains a distant journey of deserved hope, compassion and positive destiny. Truth is void in error and today decides tomorrow. Military rattling and political fault-finding will surely cause more unnecessary war casualties and domestic hardships in a McCain-Palin administration. Capacity to lead is not decreed by old age, but by the new age of changing.



Doesn’t want Obama’s change

Obama’s amazing point spread over McCain despite the fact from the start of the political campaigning when Obama and wife first opened their mouths words were uttered that expressed their true feelings and prejudicial comments. Obama’s questionable friends, contacts and “crossed my path” shady acquaintances, Acorn Wright, William Ayers (http://www.breitbart.tv/p=158353), Rashid Khalidi, Tony Razko. Obama was against off shore oil drilling and now for drilling, against nuclear power and again changes his stance in favor. Look at the financial disaster facing this country. In 2002-03 the Bush administration warned Congress Fannie May and Freddie Mac was being mismanaged. In 04 Schumer and Franks argued Fannie and Freddie were solvent and the housing market was in good shape. In 05 the Republicans attempted to pass a bill to stop the collapse of Fannie and Freddie and the Democrats blocked the bill. In 2006 another bill was initiated by McCain for the same purpose and again defeated by the Democrats. Obama places the blame on the Republican administration – tying McCain and Bush together in one breath. His agenda for America is to bring back jobs to this country and then makes an asinine statement stating he was going to raise taxes on large corporations. Supports health benefits for all Americans, including illegals. Bring down oil prices. sure, all this can be accomplished. The solution: SOCIALISM! The Democrats are already salivating thinking about a possible take over of the White House and Congress. What a nightmare – Pelosi and Reid. This bunch scream about balance. How can that be accomplished with a totalitarian government? You can bet they will get their “change.”



Obama stronger on health insurance

The McCain/Republican plan to allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines allows insurance companies to leave states with good regulations and base in states that have little or no regulation, then sell in any state. A disaster waiting to happen. This will result in no oversight, higher premiums, more stringent preexisting condition rules and more aggressive claims denials. Almost the ultimate deregulation for insurance companies. Most if not all will take advantage of this windfall profit maker.

This is confirmed by John McCain in the September/October 2008 issue of Contingencies magazine: Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation? A direct quote. This also confirms his support of bank deregulation another Trillion dollar problem he owns.

In addition to above the McCain plan would make the cost of health insurance provided by employers fully taxable over 10 years. Only fractionally offset by tax credits. One of the largest middle class tax increases in history. Don’t be fooled by a year one analysis!

We cannot afford to let this happen!

Barack Obama is the clear choice for all Americans in 2008.


Incline Village

McCain too old to be president

Sen. John McCain speaks glowingly about former President Ronald Reagan, which I find ironic for two reasons: (1) Reagan had Alzheimer’s Disease that he admitted three years after he left office. (2) Reagan was known for “trickle-down” economics that started the atmosphere of greed and corruption that led to the current economic meltdown.

In the late 1980s when Reagan was in his second term, I was working at the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging/Laboratory of Neurosciences where the primary topic of research was Alzheimer’s Disease. The lab members strongly suspected that Reagan was impaired at the time, when one of his most common statements was, “I don’t recall.” While others thought that was political posturing, we believed that indeed he was telling the truth and had lost many memories.

About 5 percent of men and women aged 65 to 75 have AD and almost half of those aged 85 and older may have some form of dementia. The latest research from the National Institutes on Aging indicates that one in seven adults aged 71 and older have some form of dementia.

McCain is already 72, whereas Reagan was 69 when he became the oldest President to take office. In addition to his usual “maverick” opinions, McCain recently demonstrated a glaring case of poor judgment ” the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin as vice presidential candidate.

Out of all possible candidates, McCain selected Palin, who neither knew what the vice president does, nor cared. Many physical systems can also fail at age 72 and it is truly frightening to conceive of Palin taking over as president.

Of course, McCain was never known for good judgment. He was one of the Keating Five and was cleared of criminal charges, but was reprimanded for “poor judgment”.



Joe the plumber asked the right question

The Obama campaign and the media have thoroughly trashed a private citizen who answered his doorbell and tricked the Messiah into blurting out his real economic plan, “spread the wealth around.”

Questions: Will this make the voters forget what Obama said? Will we now see TV trucks and mobs of reporters at ACORN headquarters demanding to know about voter fraud?

Obama would tax dollars away from job-creating businesses, big and small, subtract 73 percent to feed the federal bureaucracy, and give the remainder to the proletariat, whether they pay taxes or not. Is that the fairest, most efficient way to spread the wealth around? Obama will face tyrants without preconditions, but never again another Joe-the-plumber.



Why you should vote for Felton

There’s an opportunity to make an investment for the future of children and schools in Douglas County. That investment is a vote for Greg Felton as our Tahoe representative on the Douglas County School Board. We have three children attending Zephyr Cove Elementary and George Whittell High School and we understand the issues and opportunities that face our District. We continue to be concerned and disappointed in the lack of representation from incumbent Cindy Trigg. Greg Felton has been a longtime, active participant in school board meetings, and with his four children also in the district, he is keenly aware of the needs and issues facing our communities. Greg has been a consistent leader throughout the Lake School consolidation effort, radon mitigation repairs, district-wide budget review and more. We appreciate his expertise, smart recommendations and overall caring concern for our schools. With 22 years of management and board experience, Greg will employ much-needed creative solutions for the betterment of the district and for the future of our children. We encourage you to join us and many others to vote for Greg. We ask for your support of Greg Felton, Douglas County School District Board.


Zephyr Cove

Obama will restore prosperity

Only those of us who lived through the Great Depression can really appreciate the fear and foreboding that is gripping this nation.

The economic crisis has affected Nevadans severely: we have the highest rate of foreclosures in the country, and our unemployment rate is at 7 percent, much higher than anywhere else in the country.

For almost two years, Obama has been earnestly calling attention to the need for changes in the fiscal policies of our government. His message has been directed to the emerging crisis for the Middle Class. His planning for 1) a line-by-line evaluation of government expenditures for curbing waste and saving money, and 2) re-structuring our sources of revenue by responsibly ending the Iraq war and asking the wealthy to pay a more appropriate share of taxation promises relief to 95 percent of working families. Further, Obama is intent upon providing health care for every American.

Each day McCain and Palin are endorsing the fiscal policies that have contributed to this frightening economic situation. Setting aside politics as usual, our choice on November 4 should be evaluated as never before. With a vote for Obama, we can enjoy the hope of restoring our prosperity.



Obama the next Lincoln

This year we Nevada voters are blessed with a presidential candidate of Lincolnesque stature, intellect, moral dedication and determination that we can respect: Barack Obama. Also, we have two eminently qualified ladies: Jill Derby and Dina Titus running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Truthfully, Barack Obama is not the most liberal U.S. senator. In Feb. 2008 Americans for Democratic Action rated him 75 percent with many more higher. 100 percent: Sabenow, Klobuchar, and Casey. Highest Republicans: Snowe and Spector: 60 percent; dishonest McCain: 10 percent.



Why we need Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a man of strong moral character. His family values of hard work, responsibility, commitment to his wife and daughters, willingness to work for the common good (despite Gov. Palin’s disparaging remarks about “community organizing”) as well as his committed Christian faith, make him a strong candidate. We need competence and intelligence now more than ever. McCain graduated near the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy, Obama near the top of his law school class at Harvard. Isn’t it time we had someone competent at the helm?

Obama’s clear message of new ideas for the economy, health care and world diplomacy remind Americans of our great history of effective world leadership. With Obama’s numbers rising in the polls, McCain caved in to the simplest kind of attacks – personal and mean-spirited. Those attacks don’t surprise me coming from the mouth of Sarah Palin, but they grieve and disappoint me when implemented by a former war hero.

I listened to an interview of Palin by a radio talk show host in Alaska that happened before she was chosen by McCain. The host called the woman opposing Palin on an issue a “bitch”. Sarah laughed. Then he called her a “cancer on the state of Alaska” (the woman actually has cancer). Sarah laughed again. Later the host said he would listen to Sarah speak anywhere. Sarah replied, “I would be honored to have you”. What have we come to as a nation when our potential leaders are “honored” by such vicious name callers?

McCain and Palin are engaging in unethical tactics out of desperation. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by misperceptions designed by media specialists to instill fear and doubt. We just received an urgent request from the Republican party to send money. It contained lies about “Obama Democrats”. We “want higher taxes” and we “want to hand a victory to al Qaeda”. What nonsense!

Carefully analyze the positions of the candidates and ask who will do what is best for you and your country. We need Barack Obama as our next president.


Carson City

Focus on issues, not smears

I’m writing you to express my extreme disapproval of the recent actions of John McCain and Sarah Palin. The McCain-Palin campaign has launched a series of smears, turning their campaign into nothing more than a negative, destructive attempt at character assassination.

Last weekend, top advisors to John McCain were quoted, some by name, in both the Washington Post and the New York Times detailing the new strategy being followed by Sen. McCain and his campaign. These advisors bluntly said that they wanted to “turn the page” from talking about the economic crisis, so they were going to launch a barrage of negative, character-assassination attacks on Barack Obama.

It’s clear that our country is in the middle of an enormous financial crisis, the worst in nearly a century. The decisions made by the next president will shape the economic future for us and our children for decades. For John McCain to try to divert our attention with spurious character-assassination politics does a disservice to all of us.

I hope that you will not follow along with John McCain’s gambit and will stay focused on the issues that matter to all of us.



Obama won her over

McCain not only did not look at Obama he did not listen to anything that Obama said, but I guess that is part of the game. Obama as a gentleman and a scholar is not afraid to acknowledge his opponent because he is a secure person. He feels he can meet with controversial world leaders because he is confident negotiator; even young republicans who worked with him in law school on the law journal acknowledge that he was an effective moderator between opposing views but “can make a decision when he needs to” without detracting from those who disagree with him. McCain obviously is not confident in such a situation therefore he believes it cannot be done! Look at how he could not even look at his opponent – how can we expect him to act differently with dislikable world leaders. It is very frightening! Talk is always the first step. It is what we teach our children, it is the basis of good leadership. No one thinks it is easy, but apparently McCain thinks it is impossible.


Incline Village

Democrats caused all that’s bad

In the last couple of days, we’ve seen Nancy Pelosi trying to blame George Bush for all the financial upheaval of earlier this week. Fannie, Freddie, AIG, Lehman, etc. As a result, you might be asking, “Who oversees these things? Isn’t there some government agency that should have been able to see what was happening and taken some kind of steps to stop it?” In fact, both the US Senate, and the House of Representatives have committees that are there for just this kind of thing. So, who’s in charge there? Who should be held accountable?

The United States Senate Banking Committee: Committee Chairman, Christopher Dodd, (D) Subcommittees of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and Subcommittee Chair:

Securities, Insurance, and Investment – Jack Reed (D-RI)

Financial Institutions – Tim Johnson (D-SD)

Housing, Transportation, and Community Development – Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Economic Policy – Tom Carper (D-DE)

Security and International Trade and Finance – Evan Bayh (D-IN)

The House Financial Services Committee: Chairman Barney Frank (D-Ma)

The United States House Committee on Financial Services (or House Banking Committee) oversees the entire financial services industry, including the securities, insurance, banking, and housing industries. The Committee also oversees the work of the Federal Reserve, the United States Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and other financial services regulators.

Subcommittees and Subcommittee Chair:

Capital Markets, Insurance – Paul Kanjorski (D-PA)

Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit – Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)

Housing and Community Opportunity – Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Domestic and International Monetary Policy – Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

Oversight and Investigations – Mel Watt (D-NC)

What have the Democrats been doing these past two years besides complaining about Bush? Now they are going to have committees to find out what went wrong? Start with the Clinton Years. Committees, like the Fox guarding the hen house.



An 80-year-old for Palin

Like a shooting star, Palin has captivated the attention of the electorate. Her qualifications are being debated but little is being said about what her election would say about some of our “values.”

How exciting to elevate a woman to high office! As an 80-year-old woman who has weathered the inequities of being a female in our professional world, I couldn’t be more excited about that possibility.

Palin now faces a far more demanding political role. Coincidentally, the demands of her role as the mother of a five-child family have escalated with the arrival of a special-needs infant and the pregnancy of a 17-year-old daughter.

McCain failed to see this most sobering downside to Palin’s selection. Without “blinking” she accepted his invitation. How distinguished she would have been had she replied, “Thanks but no thanks.” What value does McCain place upon motherhood and the role of the family in our society? Shouldn’t we be concerned about Palin’s view of her role as a mother and how her choice defines her values?

Mr. and Mrs. Obama demonstrated their values when Mrs. Obama, rather than attending the 9/11 ceremonies, stayed at home with a child who was starting school that day.



Are Democratic voters legal?

After reading a recent article proclaiming that registered Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Nevada by 55,560, a question was raised in my mind that needs to be put before the Supervisor of Elections. How many registered Democrats are legally entitled to vote?

The Nevada Democratic Party advertised in the weeks leading up to the January caucus that anyone could register to vote at the door on the day of the caucus, with no ID required. If the Republican Party does not demand that every single voter in the general election present a valid ID, (not just a voter registration card) that verifies their eligibility to vote, then this election could be decided by a few million illegal aliens who have so much to gain from the “Party of Entitlements”. On a related note, Congress’ approval rating stands at 9 percent, the lowest in history. An increase in the Democratic majority in November will effectively bring that approval rating to 0 percent. Vote wisely, America’s greatness is at stake.



Examine the facts on missed votes

I am of the opinion that Mr. Bebee should have read the source he cited in his letter regarding voting records. This article with respect to the current session of Congress states the following on votes missed: McCain 399 votes for 63.3 percent ; Obama 282 missed for 44.8 percent; Clinton 202 missed for 32.1 percent. Also note that Senator Reid missed 3 votes for .03 percent and Senator Ensign missed 27 for 4.3 percent. It appears that campaigning for office keeps one away from the Senate.

The tone of Mr. Beebe’s letter indicates that he is not supporting Mr. Obama and that is certainly his right, but if he wants to come across as knowledgeable, he needs to examine the facts more closely.


Alamogordo, N.M.

Not interested in Palin’s brand of change

Man will the world be better come inauguration day.

Open a phone book. Throw a dart. Whoever you hit could do better than George and Dick. But a sharp one pierced our butts when McCain’s dart hit Sara Palin.

Palin’s speech made Johnny’s monologue a snoozer. But Sara didn’t write that speech, and she wasn’t picked to be VP, she was picked to lift McCain’s campaign by claiming to represent change and bold decisions, to distract us from real issues, and to win over religious extremists. They are mavericks all right … matching 1969 gas-guzzling Ford Mavericks. Basically big Pintos with bigger gas tanks. Change for change’s sake alone can be just dumb. You wouldn’t replace a fluorescent light with a burned out incandescent bulb just because it’s different, would you? This “new” light bulb is already burned out and cracked. Not exactly a modern car, let alone a hybrid.

Not only does Palin’s foreign policy experience only consist of her living closer to Russia than I, she has declared herself a separatist by supporting Alaska’s secession from the Union. So much for “Our Country.” She is a pro-life extremist and a pro-gun supporter, which yields a poor result when your daughter is done by a Ruger-holding rapist. She would build bridges to brimstone if it meant getting her mitts on more money. She would be another paid industry puppet that would continue current failing energy policy that mostly lines the pockets of Big Oil.

And if Johnny wins … and then dies … this hawk Governed by God will be warming the president’s seat within arm’s reach of a very big button. Let’s keep the darkness in Alaska, junk the Maverick, and vote for real change.


Carson City

Obama equals higher taxes

Do the Math. Obama and the Democrats want to let the current $2,000 middle income tax reduction sunset. Obama promises a middle income a $1,000 tax reduction. My learning tells me that equals a $1,000 middle income tax INCREASE!



McCain is the candidate of change

Barack Obama is misleading the public regarding “earmark Bridge to No Where” flip-flop by Governor Palin. Some candidates enlist state agencies and special interest groups’ financial endorsements for “special considerations.” Examples: museum funding, state park bike paths; unions, oil companies; lending agencies wanting less intervention. These agencies and groups absorb costs by “earmark funding” attachments to legislative bills.

The “Bridge to No Where,” was portrayed as a bridge from Ketchikan, Alaska to winter stranded island residents. Governor Sarah Palin read the “fine print”; there were millions in “earmark” attachments. Governor Sarah Palin killed this “bridge” project saving $400 million. Alaska Democratic Party praised Governor Sarah Palin’s actions. $223 million of “bridge” funds were re-set for Hurricane Katrina and Gulf Coast victims. Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic Congress voted redirecting funds from Hurricane Katrina Victims to “Earmark” projects.

Senator Obama’s voting record includes $12 million bicycle bath; $450,000 for an International Museum; $500,000 for a Baseball Stadium; $392,000 for a State Visitor Center. Senator Barack Obama has delivered $100 million in “earmark” funds to Illinois since 2005. Senator Joe Biden indulged in $90 million in “earmark” dollars for Illinois this year.

Governor Sarah Palin cut $268 million governmental waste from the Alaska State Budget, including eliminating $200,000 for tennis court sprinklers. To see Barack Obama’s “Change” in the future, look at his voting record actions of the past; “Follow the money, Honey.” The McCain/Palin Team will shut down Washington “Favor Factor.”