Faith & Insight: How’s your memory? |

Faith & Insight: How’s your memory?

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As Americans it’s not only an honor and a privilege to participate in a night of remembrance of 9/11, it is our responsibility.

When the worst terrorist attack happened on our soil 17 years ago, we promised “Never to Forget” and to “Always Remember.”

What did we promise never to forget? We are not forgetting our vulnerability, our change of innocence in regard to safety, our patriotism, our strength and ability to be overcomers, able to sustain and maintain a sure course and heading as one nation under God.

What are we remembering? We are remembering the heroic patriotism that all of our first responders displayed in the face of danger. The selflessness of the nation’s populous as they came to help and serve one another, also to be thankful for each and every day for the safety that is insured through our firefighters, police departments, our military force.

Lastly, we are remembering the loss of innocent lives through senseless acts of hatred, and praying for their families and friends and our nation.

9/11 we will never forget. Tuesday holds for each one of us a day that cannot be, nor should be, forgotten, 9/11.

The Carson City Christian Ministerial Fellowship has made plans to gather in Mills Park at the 9/11 Memorial site, located near the entrance of the Marv Teixeira Pavilion and the Carson & Mills Park Railroad. We are gathering on Tuesday at 6 p.m. as a time of remembrance. We will gather to reflect, to pray and remember the horror of 9/11/2001 and attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

Several representatives of our city and state will speak, co-mingled with prayers offered by several local pastors.

In attendance will be Carson City’s Mayor Bob Crowell, Sheriff Ken Furlong and Fire Chief Sean Slamon. Each of these will bring words of encouragement and inspiration of the countless heroic acts that took place that day and for the weeks and months that followed.

No greater love has one than to lay down his life for another. This so easily seen in times of great crisis, even as we are seeing with hurricanes and fires surrounding us.

People rushing to the aid of others and considering others’ needs higher than their own, this is truly Christlike.

JOY equals “Jesus Others Yourself.” Where there is evil intent, instruction is found in the letter to Ephesus, chapter 6. Put on the full armor of God. Please let this be an encouragement to each of us to practice love, hospitality, help, and sacrifice for the needs of others.

Please more than consider joining us as we remember those who paid the ultimate price while serving others, as we lift up the name of Jesus, who also paid the ultimate price for us.

May the Lord bless you, may the Lord keep you, may his face continually shine upon you.

Patrick Propster is pastor of Calvary Chapel Carson City.