Fiegehen sentencing next Thursday |

Fiegehen sentencing next Thursday

by Regina Purcell and Joey Crandall, Nevada Appeal News Service

MINDEN — Convicted murderer Christopher Fiegehen on Thursday will face the possibility he will spend the rest of his life in prison with no parole.

Sentencing by Judge David Gamble is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday in Douglas District Court.

Jurors on July 15 convicted Fiegehen of the Feb. 10, 2002, stabbing death of Johnson Lane resident Alan Chorkey.

Fiegehen was also convicted of assault on Lorelle Chorkey during the same attack, in which she nearly died after being shot in the chest and head.

Fiegehen faces sentencing on counts of homicide, attempted homicide with a deadly weapon, burglary and home invasion with possession of a firearm. The maximum would be two life terms in prison.

Gamble could also give Fiegehen life in prison without parole, life with parole at 20 years with consecutive time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon, or a jail term of 50 years, according to Douglas County prosecutor Mark Jackson.

Testimony during the trial showed the killing and assault came after Fiegehen broke up with the couple’s daughter, Alane Dockstader.

Dockstader, 19, was fined Wednesday after pleading guilty to being a minor consuming alcohol. She and 15 others appeared before Eastfork Township Justice Court Judge Jim EnEarl. She and the others were caught by deputies at a party on Mica Drive on July 26.

Dockstader’s test for blood alcohol showed a level of 0.066. The legal limit for driving is .10.

She said she had been drinking to relieve stress.

“I understand you might have good reason to be stressed,” EnEarl said. “But there are better ways to relieve stress than drinking.”