Food pantries replenished at schools |

Food pantries replenished at schools

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

A student living in a car may forget to bring a lunch to school.

Homeless advocate Kim Riggs has seen many such students and others living in motels, campgrounds or sleeping on friends’ couches.

“They have no way to refrigerate their food or they have no money for it,” she said. “They don’t realize they can ask for assistance.”

Although free and reduced-price lunches and breakfasts are available, Riggs said some students don’t take advantage of the program and go hungry.

Sometimes the parents are too proud to fill out the forms.

“Instead of making it a stigma, we’re putting the food on site so the children don’t feel embarrassed,” Riggs said.

The Carson City Kiwanis Club donated food last year to be kept in a pantry at the high school. The program worked so well, it is being expanded this year to include the middle schools as well.

The Nevada Bell Pioneers adopted Eagle Valley Middle School and the Soroptimists will provide supplies for Carson Middle School.

Riggs said counselors are often alerted to a child who is not receiving proper nutrition when that child reports feeling tired and weak. She said students will often tell counselors they are waiting for a parent to get paid at the end of the week before the family can get groceries.

One student submitted a list of food he would like to receive. Items included cereal, potatoes, bread, eggs and real milk that is not watered down.

To donate to the pantry or for more information call Riggs and 283-2053.