Fundraiser for families was a unifying force |

Fundraiser for families was a unifying force

The event is over, but we hope the sentiment that led to the creation of Saturday’s fundraiser to help the families who’ve had relatives die in Iraq or Afghanistan lives on.

“You can’t say no … you got to go” raised funds for the Nevada Patriot Fund on Saturday at Silver Oak Golf Course. The money will go directly to the families. And no matter how deep the division over the Iraq War goes, it was a cause that everyone should be able to get behind.

Said Margaret Colescott of Minden: “The best thing about this is it’s not for Democrats or Republicans or independents – it’s apolitical. No matter what people’s beliefs, they know it’s right to support our men and women overseas.”

That’s an easy thing to forget when most people can say the war we’re fighting with a volunteer army doesn’t seem to have any direct impact on their lives. Saturday’s event was a reminder that there are many people who can’t say that, however. There are also many people in Northern Nevada who’ve served tours of duty in this war.

All of them, and their families, too, deserve our gratitude.

And the people who organized the event should get plenty as well.

• This editorial represents the views of the Nevada Appeal editorial board.