Gasp, the governor conducts some business |

Gasp, the governor conducts some business

Have you heard the latest from our governor … hang on to your hats, this is rich ” he actually conducted some business that didn’t involve tapping a text message into his cell phone.

This is a shocking development for a governor who, just midway through his first term, is already cementing a legacy into the state’s history books. Granted, that legacy is based on all the wrong reasons, but it’s a memorable legacy nonetheless. Anyone remember who the governor was 12 years ago? That won’t be a problem for Gibbons.

Unless, of course, he goes and ruins it with maneuvers like the one Wednesday, in which he called an emergency budget meeting today with legislative leadership and other elected officials to discuss the state’s budget crisis.

“I believe we are in the midst of the worst fiscal crisis in the state’s history,” Gibbons said. “It’s important that all state leaders are on the same page about where we stand and together we consider our options moving forward.”

This goes against all the groundwork the governor has been establishing … it in fact smacks of the type of leadership Nevada has been craving so badly that eyes are beginning to turn Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and his ideas.

Of course, the governor can put his legacy back in safe standing at today’s meeting … maybe he could start by text messaging a demand to all the participants … “no tax increases, cut more.”

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