Get Healthy, Carson City: Diabetes and summertime! |

Get Healthy, Carson City: Diabetes and summertime!

By Celeste Pierini, RN, BSN Carson City Health and Human Services

It is almost here… that warm, sun-filled and activity-filled time of year: summer! Most of us plan our annual vacations around this time of year either because the kids or grandkids are out of school or because summertime allows for many adventures and activities to be had without the worry of inclement weather or poor road conditions. Whatever the reason, vacations are prevalent this time of year. When leaving the comforts of one’s home, much planning must occur, especially if you are managing a chronic disease such as diabetes.

Carson City Health and Human Services would like to offer you some tips as you pack for extended vacations or camping trips, all the while keeping in mind the things needed to keep yourself or loved ones healthy. Since diabetes can cause lack of circulation and nerve damage, particularly in the feet and toes, good footwear should be a priority. If planning on going to a theme park where you will walk a lot or if you go out into the woods on a camping trip, be sure to bring your most comfortable shoes as well as diabetic-approved socks to keep your feet safe from blisters or other injuries. Inspect your feet at the end of each day or when concerned. Bring bandages with you on your trip and consider packing a few in your purse or backpack in the event you find an injury to your foot or toes.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This will help your kidneys to work properly. Indulgences such as ice cream, marshmallows and/or high-carbohydrate foods are a temptation and are typically associated with vacations or camping. While these treats might be allowable on your specific diet plan, remember that stress can alter blood sugar and these treats may contribute to an increase in blood sugar problems. A discussion with your doctor will help you best plan for differences in your diet while on vacation.

Finally, do not forget your medications. Whether you are traveling on a plane, in a vehicle or on a train, a discussion with your doctor about getting a spare medication prescription is a good idea. If your medications are lost or misplaced, you will have the backup prescription so that you can go to the nearest pharmacy to get your medications.

Carson City Health and Human Services wishes you and your loved ones a very fun, happy and healthy summertime! For information about services and programs available to you through Carson City Health and Human Services, check out our website at, follow us on Twitter at @CCHealthEd, “like” us on Facebook at, follow us on Instagram at @gethealthycarsoncity, call us at 775-887-2190 or visit us at 900 E. Long St. in Carson City.