Get involved in team, or quit complaining |

Get involved in team, or quit complaining


As a parent of one of the wrestlers on the Dayton High School team, I believe some mud slinging has been going on. I go to practice after work and sit and watch until the end. While the rest of the team was running through drills, Trista let out a girlish screech followed by, “I can’t do that” and quit.

At the Fallon meet, Trista was running around in her sports bra and had to be told to put some clothes on. At Spring Creek, Trista was picked for the JV team and was wrestling on one side of the gym while three varsity wrestlers were on the other side. Coach Bennett made every attempt to coach all the wrestlers, but being the only coach made this impossible. He has taken time away from other players to help Trista put her hair up when in all actuality, it is her responsibility to do so. I have witnessed her inappropriate behavior with more than one wrestler during more than one meet. The action split the team and did not allow them to perform as well as they were capable of.

I have been a Little League coach for 11 years. Over that time, I’ve had several girls on my teams. It is hard to keep the two sexes focused on the sport all the time. With my experience as a coach, and attendance at practice and wrestling meets, I stand behind Coach Bennett’s decision to release Trista from the team.

The people who are crying about the problem, I haven’t seen at any meets or after practice. They have no idea as to what is really happening. They are listing to a whining child say the world is picking on me. If they showed up once in awhile, they would have the right to complain, so for now, shut up, get involved with your child’s life and quit trying to make a grand entrance at the last minute.