Giomi is good choice for fire chief |

Giomi is good choice for fire chief

Nevada Appeal Editorial

Trial by fire.If ever a cliche were worth repeating, it’s the case of Carson City’s new fire chief, Stacey Giomi, who was in the right spot at the wrong time when the Waterfall fire threatened to devastate Carson’s west side.

Giomi just happened to be filling in for vacationing chief Lou Buckley when the wildfire started in July. One could call it bad timing – except, for Giomi and the residents of Carson, it turned out to be a fortunate coincidence.

“During the Waterfall fire he dealt with the public with empathy,” said City Manager Linda Ritter. “I saw his leadership potential and his attitude and he was an easy pick. He’s a calming force in difficult situations and he knows the department.”

Everybody else saw it too. In fact, Giomi’s 21 years with the Carson City Fire Department have shown all those characteristics, making him an excellent choice to lead the department into the future.

At the same time, we thank Buckley for his 13-plus years at the helm of the fire department and wish him the best for the future.

How the Waterfall fire might have been handled differently had Buckley been around is anybody’s guess, but we know Giomi showed a steady and committed hand throughout the ordeal.

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What could have become a panicked community – after all, 17 structures were lost in what has been called the worst fire in Carson’s history – instead was reassured daily that professional, competent people were doing their best.

In fact, Giomi and the fire department, as well as Ritter and the entire city staff, deserve another round of thanks from the community for their willingness to do pretty much anything it took to get residents through that crisis.

Trial by fire. It’s a tough way to win a job, and we hope the Waterfall fire is by far the worst Giomi ever sees. Regardless, we feel confident the city’s fire department will be in good hands.