Give the gift of good driving |

Give the gift of good driving

If you are having trouble thinking about what to give a teenager this holiday season, think about giving a gift certificate for a driver education course.

This will bring joy and safety to a new driver.

New drivers face distractions every day on the road.

Driver inattention is a factor in over 1 million crashes in North America every year resulting in injury, death and an economic impact of over $40 billion. Whether it’s talking on a cell phone, changing the CD, or dealing with a child, being distracted can have devastating consequences

Help a new driver gain the skills he or she needs to become a safe driver by giving them the knowledge they need to make good choices and prevent accidents.

It is with great sadness that we regularly hear of tragic car accidents involving our beloved and talented young people. Giving them a gift that will save lives is a good choice.

Western Nevada College offers gift certificates for both credit and non-credit classes.

Giving an educational gift certificate provides students with skills that last a life time.

Sessions are offered over winter break and all year long.

Judy Larquier

Carson City