Glen McAdoo: America is great again |

Glen McAdoo: America is great again

Glen McAdoo

I was talking to a Trump supporter who thought Rob Porter should have been allowed to stay on as White House staff secretary in spite of abuse allegations be two former wives. So what the hay? And the president might lie, cheat on his wife, be a racist, misogynist, and foul-mouthed, but who cares as long as he is making America great again, right?

I could imagine a conversation with a Trump supporter going like this:

“I’m not prejudiced, I just don’t like all these Mexicans sneaking across our border and then expecting us to support them. It’s like Trump says, they’re mostly dope-smuggling rapists who become gang members. I wouldn’t care so much if they were all nice like my gardener.” Most are nice like your gardener.

President Trump deliberately makes an appeal to these folks by saying things that reinforce their beliefs. Trump made a pitch to this group during his State of the Union Address, talking about Mexican gangs.

I could imagine a Trump supporter saying: “America would be great again if we could just keep those Mexicans out and send those illegal immigrants, already here, back to where they came from. And if we could just get rid of affirmative action and groups like Black Lives Matter. And if we could just get rid of those liberals who want to ban assault rifles sales. And if we could get rid of those liberal pinkos who think the environment is more important than making a buck. And if we could just get rid of those liberal bleeding-hearts who think everyone is entitled to healthcare. Then it could happen. We didn’t think any politician thought like us and then along came Trump.”

If, if, if. That’s the way far too many, not all, Trump supporters think and talk. Just ask one.

Here’s some breaking news for them. On Feb. 7, President Trump said it was important for our military that Congress pass a long-term spending bill because “it is the military that is keeping America great.” Well now, there you have it! Straight from the horse’s mouth. In a little more than one year of the Trump administration, America is already great again. Well, beat me with a stick — I didn’t know that!

I haven’t noticed much of a change in the economy since Trump took office. The stock market is trending as it did under President Obama, except for some corrections lately. Unemployment is continuing the same trend as it was under Obama. As a matter of fact, most all economic indicators are trending as if Obama were still president. Oh, oh. No wonder President Trump seems so ticked off.

Among some changes, North Korea and the United States have been involved in holocaust brinkmanship. President Trump, his children and members of his campaign team are under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for possible campaign collusion with the Russians, obstruction of justice and money laundering; four have been indicted and three have confessed. Thirteen Russians and three Russian companies have been indicted for election interference. Sanctions against Russia are not being enforced, although Russia is still meddling in our voting process.

Trump stands accused of adultery with a porn star. The “Dreamers” now face an uncertain future. Our environment is in grave jeopardy. Trump appointees are leaving in record numbers, many for some sort of scandalous behavior. There has been a huge tax giveaway to the wealthy and major corporations. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort has become a second White House, costing us millions and millions. And we have a president who tweets weird, and many times untruthful, messages in the wee wee hours of the morning. Perhaps he tweets in his sleep. Yep, things have changed. Could be that’s why Trump said America is great again. Funny, it seems like we’ve become un-great.

Maybe we’ll all feel better once tanks start rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue in the biggest military parade ever. I say biggest because when Trump is involved, it is always the biggest — the biggest win, the biggest inauguration crowd, the biggest tax cut in history, and on and on. It’s generally the biggest lie, but if he thinks it’s so, well, all right already. I reckon someone should write a song, “It’s great to be great again, or not.”

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