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Goals can create better lives, communities

the Nevada Appeal editorial board

It’s become a trite tradition at the end of each new year to set a list of goals for the year ahead.

So trite, in fact, fewer of us are doing it.

According to a random survey of 1,012 Americans, only 45 percent of Americans now say they write up New Year’s resolutions, down from 88 percent of Americans who did so in the past. The telephone survey was conducted by Stephen Shapiro, president of Goalfree.com, with the assistance of Opinion Research Corp. of Princeton, N.J.

One of the reasons for the drop, the survey cites, is that they don’t work. According to the study, only 8 percent of those polled said they always achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

Although the survey has little scientific basis, it does reflect some sense of reality. People are tired of setting goals.

But in 2007, there’s no room for cynicism.

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Let’s approach this year with fresh-faced optimism and conviction that we can create better selves and a better world.

In Carson City, we are faced with problems that can seem insurmountable: drugs, gangs, homelessness, hunger and the list goes on.

We may never be able to completely resolve these issues, but there is nobility in working to fix what we can.

There are organizations we can join, causes to which we can donate our time and money, and individuals we can buoy with our support and encouragement.

Within ourselves, there are demons to exorcise and talents to strengthen.

Set your goals high. This is the time to achieve what you’ve always considered impossible.

When you set your sights higher than you’ve ever been, a glorious new view opens up.