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Harris investigation was wholly legitimate

FRANKIE SUE DEL PAPA Attorney General, Carson City

This is response to the reprint of the Las Vegas Sun editorial.

The Attorney General’s Office is obligated by law to review matters of alleged wrongdoing by state employees. Very simply put, that is what the Attorney General’s Office did regarding the very sophisticated slot cheating case known as the Ron Harris matter.

The Las Vegas Sun has made a habit of printing misinformation and gross exaggerations for some time now concerning the Harris case and related matters. I was disappointed to see such bias reprinted in the Nevada Appeal. It deserves a response.

This office has never in the past, and will never as long as I am in office, ignore allegations of criminal conduct because the people against whom such allegations are made are too big, too rich or too powerful.

An objective reading and following of the chronology of events contained in and associated with the recently released Harris investigative file supports our decision that no illegal investigation took place and that the complaint against the Attorney General’s Office is meritless.