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Honoring the fallen, appreciating the living

Nevada Appeal Editorial

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about police officers.

Usually, it’s not until we see those red-and-blue lights flashing in the rear-view mirror that they even cross our minds – and then we wish they hadn’t.

However, police officers spend a lot of time thinking about us.

They wonder when we cross that dotted line if we’ve had some drinks before driving. They wonder when we’re driving so fast if we may end up in an accident down the road, injuring ourselves or others.

They wonder if we’ll commit a crime, or wonder if a crime will be committed against us.

And they wonder how they can prevent all of that from happening, how they can keep us safe.

And sometimes, in their attempt to make our lives more safe, their lives are struck down.

In a ceremony at the Capitol on Wednesday, those officers were honored. During a special memorial service, 100 Nevada officers were remembered for their dedication to åtheir communities.

And their deaths, as a result of that dedication, were mourned.

To the family and friends of those slain officers, we offer our deepest sympathy. We are grateful for their sacrifice, and know we live in a better world because of them.

On the back of the memorial program, these words were written:

“In remembrance of those who have paid the ultimate price. Let it be us to honor them by never forgetting.”

In memory of the fallen officers, may we make a greater resolve to appreciate those who still would protect us.

Let us not take them for granted.