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Hypocrisy from the left

Tom Riggins

The left is becoming ever more deranged. Or maybe with the sunlight shining on their activities as they become more brazen, we just hear more about their hypocrisy.

Case in point. Attorney General Barr stated in congressional testimony that he believed that spying occurred on the Trump campaign by political opponents and government agencies. His statements have been discounted, decried, and vilified by leftists and their media cronies. Yet an editorial appeared in the Boston Globe that suggested that wait staff tamper with food prior to serving to Trump officials. This received no condemnation from the left.

Democrats are demanding an unredacted copy of the Mueller report. To do so will cause AG Barr to violate a law Democrats passed during the Clinton administration to keep the Starr report from being released.

Leftist government officials have fought the Trump administration tooth and nail over immigration reform that does not include total amnesty for those who have already jumped the line for occupancy and over funding the border wall. In a delicious irony, the Trump administration apparently discussed busing illegal aliens ready for release from overloaded detention centers to cities and counties who have declared sanctuary status. Leftists are furious about this. Apparently illegals are welcome anywhere in the United States except bastions of liberal wealth.

Social media tries its hardest to portray itself as unbiased. The various platforms claim they only suspend accounts for abusive language or unsuitable content. Yet the hit movie “Unplanned” was banned from Twitter and more recently was labeled “propaganda” by Google. Yet leftists can unleash unbelievable vitriol toward conservatives without consequence. Oddly again, when conservatives respond their accounts are often suspended.

Don’t misunderstand, these companies are private and can set whatever content standards they wish. As long as their policies are clear, no problem. Where the hypocrisy enters is when the claim something as unacceptable that clearly meets their policies and historical precedent.

Of course, there are the usual culprits. Leftists calling for gun control while protected by armed bodyguards. Calling for banning ID requirements to vote yet require ID to enter a building where such legislation is discussed. Colleges saying they allow free speech but ban certain controversial speakers, mainly conservative, from campus and setting of “safe spaces” for those easily offended.

Likewise, attacking, often physically and sometimes violently, wearers of MAGA hats and calling them names while demanding their own beliefs be unimpeded.

Remember the college admissions scandal where wealthy parents were paying huge sums of money to get their children into elite schools? Now that there are criminal charges being made, the extent of the scandal is becoming public. Actress Lori Loughlin reportedly said she did nothing that any other wealthy mom wouldn’t do. Oddly, I don’t remember seeing any conservative parent named as participating in this scandal. You can bet if there were, the media would be having a heyday.

Leftist agenda is clear. Democrats in the New York Assembly, that same body that gave a standing ovation to their full birth abortion law, are at it again. They reportedly blocked a college tuition bill that would expand aid to the children of Gold Star families. This was immediately after approving $27 million to assist illegal aliens in receiving higher education.

During his confirmation hearings Justice Kavanaugh was raked over the coals over a supposed incident, now being revealed as fabricated, over some activity in college. The mantra was that the women should be believed no matter what, and despite any facts to the contrary.

Yet when hopeful Presidential candidate Joe Biden was revealed as acting inappropriately toward women, with ample photographic evidence, it was downplayed as insignificant. Likewise, when Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, a Democrat, was accused of sexual assault, the accusing women were demanded to state their proof publicly and were accused of public theater. This was especially prevalent when it was discovered that the next in line for the governor’s seat was a Republican. Huh. No double standard there.

The examples go on and on and cover a wide range of issues. Whether the issue is free speech, free benefits, political correctness, gun control, protests, sex, race, or Trump, the result is the same. What the leftist “feels” is correct is not to be questioned or refuted by fact. It simply is. If events or facts indicate otherwise, those are blithely ignored. Forget about meaningful discourse or discussion. In other words, do as they demand, not as they do.

Tom Riggins can be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.