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I beg to differ

If you have ever lived in a large city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even New York, you have probably heard people talk about how they could never live in a small rural town such as Fallon. I beg to differ.

People in big cities talk about the lack of health care providers in small towns like ours. I beg to differ. I always thought that if I had a surgery I would be better off in a big city hospital. I don‘t think that way anymore There may be some procedures or surgeries that can’t be handled locally. In my case I was lucky. There wasn’t time to shop around anyway. As it turns out our town has a fine surgeon in Dr. Tom McCormick, and a fine hospital in Banner. I have heard some folks talk about Banner as if it offers sub-par care; don’t tell me that.

Dr. McCormick did an marvelous job; certainly as good as any surgeon in Los Angels, San Francisco or any other large city. The CAT scan was ominous and he informed me going in that I had an obstructed bowel which could be caused by anything from scar tissue to a growth of some sorts. I have very bad disc in my back and the pain medication I have taken for years did not make my situation any better. I got lucky; It was scar tissue from an appendectomy I had 61 years ago.

The recovery was long and painful, but I got through it with the help of the very fine nurses and staff at Banner. They were simply outstanding. I had planned on getting all the names of the nurses and aides to include in this column but I forgot. Let it be known that all the hospital staff who work on the second floor are super. I am proud to brag about our hospital and surgeons we have in my home town of Fallon, Nevada.

Two months prior I had serious kidney infection and stones. Dr. Roland Chen in Carson and Fallon, did a great job. But I found the care I received during the four days I spent in the hospital in Carson insufficient and lacking in compassion or attention. I‘ll take Banner any time..

This experience led me to think about what our town has to offer. It’s enough. One can buy clothes at Bealls, Big R, or several other places. There is always Wally-World and the Internet. The Internet has changed a lot of things about living in a rural town. You can find great shoes at a minimum six stores in Fallon. Why drive to Reno?

OK, we don’t have pro sports here, unless you like boxing or professional rodeos. I miss going to Dodger Stadium to watch my favorite sports team. I love them bums.. But, to be honest most professional sports are just too expensive to attend. Who can afford $250 -$1,000 to go see a Laker game. You will find all the appliances, flooring, and house wares you may need right here in Fallon. You can shop till you drop right here in our home town and avoid the traffic and parking problems you’ll find in a large city. This little community has all you may want to make life comfortable. Our town is great. It is run well, and it shows. OK it is lacking in fine restaurants, but Rapscallions is only an hour away.

I love the people in our town — people who wait on you in stores, banks, and restaurants. You will find many of them are likely to be your friends and neighbors. You won’t find that in Los Angeles.

Although not as well maintained as I would like, no doubt from a lack of funds, we still have some fine parks if Fallon. They would be better if people would pick up after their dogs. We have a great county community center, a two year college. Like everywhere else, our schools lack funding, but they are doing their best to provide a quality education for our children.

We have a fine senior center and meals on wheels. This little town has all we need and then some. I love Fallon and the people who run it and the people who provide needed services. When you are talking about the quality of life, you need to talk small towns. From a low crime rate, less expensive housing, and people who care, small towns take the cake. Fallon takes the cake.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at glen@phonewave.net.