Immigration enforcement opens new chapter in region |

Immigration enforcement opens new chapter in region

Nevada Appeal Editorial

The magnitude of the immigration crackdown in Northern Nevada on Thursday will be immense even if it proves to be an isolated enforcement action.

For the more than 50 people arrested, it will likely mean deportation. For the population of undocumented workers at other businesses, some who’ve lived here for years, it opens a new chapter of fear in their lives.

For some, that fear will keep them from going to their jobs. And for the businesses that employ them, it could mean they won’t be able to open their doors.

Nevertheless laws must be enforced.

We only hope that, in situations like this where the offenders pose no criminal threat to our community beyond their violation of immigration laws, compassion is exercised at the same time.

We hope that agents use methods that do not separate children from their parents or needlessly create trauma within families.

And we hope that accountability is also brought to bear on those businesses that can be shown to have knowingly violated immigration laws.

This is the type of enforcement so many Nevadans have been demanding for years. And now that it seems to be here, we may get to finally see if it makes the difference they have predicted.