Inherent evil is real enemy we are fighting |

Inherent evil is real enemy we are fighting

KEITH TORAL, Carson City

The big question for awhile in America has been why are kids killing their parents and each other? The so-called experts have offered us nothing but theories of psychological nonsense.

Why do people do such terrible things? The answer… because evil exists and America is suffering the consequences for the path it has taken.

We are raising a generation on Darwin and moral relativism (that is the belief that truth is relative and is to be decided by the individual). I have read several new stories of people murdering just for the thrill of it. Who is to tell them it is truly wrong unless there is absolute truth and a higher moral law exists?

We have allowed sex and violence to permeate the airwaves and have allowed our children to be saturated with it. Then we expect them to be good. People flock by the millions to pay to watch violence on movies and video, others set up Internet chat rooms to discuss things so vile it boggles the imagination.

The Internet remains unregulated while children sit in the privacy of their rooms punching up information on how to build bombs. Or they can tap into pornography of any nature that the twisted mind of depraved men can create.

Kids listen to music CDs with lyrics of hopelessness, sex, murder and suicide. Even now hundreds of youths are walking around secretly waiting to act our fantasies of evil from TV, music CDs, movies or the Internet. Which school is next?

Our freedom which was paid for by the blood of brave men and women has become a license to wallow in filth. We are victims of our own foolishness. Our acceptance of wickedness has sealed our fate to be a violent society.

Young minds will be forever corrupted in the name of entertainment. The schools taught Dylan Klebold Darwinism and on the newly released video diary, he thanked his parents for teaching him “self awareness” and “self reliance.” No one instilled in him the commandment of “Thou shalt not kill.”

It has become evident to me that it is more realistic to believe in God, the devil and demons than the theories of modern psychology. The Apostle Paul wrote to his fellow Christians in Ephesians that the struggle was not against flesh and blood but against powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. (See Ephesians Chapter 6 verse 12.)

A couple of month ago, a young boy murderer claimed voices in his head told him to kill. I believe him. The judge and jury did not. The laws of science have no room for voices of demons in a boy’s head.

I am not promoting modern Salem witch trials or endorsing government control or censorship. I am giving an answer to the so-called experts.

Pick up a Bible and you will read of the inherent evil in the heart of man but yet hope for mankind through a loving God and a savior who taught love and peace. It is the very book our founding fathers believed would guide our nation always in self government with freedom.