Is it too late for Santa to come to the rescue? |

Is it too late for Santa to come to the rescue?

Ah, Christmas … when Santa checks his list he’ll find a long list of those who’ve been good in Carson City (some of them are even elected officials). The giving that’s occurred this holiday season has been nothing short of inspiring.

Yes, the blessings of Carson City are many, none more important than the residents themselves.

But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like some Christmas loot, Santa. Be prepared … our wish list is long.

How about starting with something easy, say a good rainfall every few weeks. And plenty of snow up in the mountains, too. Enough with the drought.

How about an infusion of home buyers with plenty of loot in their pockets? Californians are fine, but if you can swing it, see if you can get to say it like this: “Neh vad ah.”

And, on the topic of bringing in new residents, could you please put a strong emphasis on “young professionals.” We love our seniors and all the positive things they do for the community, but the message has been loud and clear not just from economic analysts, but businesses – if companies are going to expand or relocate to Carson City, we’ve got to have a growing and educated work force.

How about a tenant for the Kmart building … we sometimes daydream about what a positive difference that would make on the north side of town.

Frankly, if you’re running short of wrapping paper, we’d be happy just to accept the cash. How many millions does that sled hold, anyway? We’d spend it wisely, first and foremost on the V&T Railroad and completing the bypass. Yes, we know the state is supposed to cover much of that, but they haven’t been taking our calls lately.

We can see this list is already getting long, so we’ll save things like new recreation centers, libraries and parking facilities until next Christmas.

So what do you think, Santa? Feel free to borrow our unofficial slogan in reply:

“Can do.”

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.