Is This You? Flip-flopping into summer |

Is This You? Flip-flopping into summer

Trina Machacek

What goes thump, thump, thump, squish-thump, thump, thump, squish? Nah, not going to tell you just yet. Rather, let’s delve into the world of foot coverings we wear during the all too swiftly flowing summer months. Like flip-flops.

I was shopping for summer supplies I needed to make the first of many summer macaroni salads. Macaroni, pimentos, olives … why are all these needs in different aisles in the store? Such another rant to rant another day.

When I stretched up to free a tiny jar of pimentos from the top shelf, my ears pick up on a distinct sound and I hear “them” coming. The first flip-flops of the year. It’s a sound that rings like nothing else. It’s a combination of swooshing, sliding, slapping, flipping and flopping. The cadence is loud and as it gets closer I notice it’s also pretty annoying. The flipping and flopping I understand, but the sliding and swooshing and lackluster of a spring in the step of the flip-flop wearer was just not right. It’s summer! Pick ‘em up and enjoy the near nakedness of your feet. You can’t wear flip-flops in winter. Can you imagine flipping and slopping through snow and ice? No. Only in summer, in grass, through warm puddles of water. We flop them on in the morning and flip them off at night. In between those events I myself want to hear the happy “flip-flop” of your flip-flops traveling along summer’s highway.

I don’t have flip-flop feet. I used to have them, but at one point I began to slip off the rubber soles so when the flips flopped, so did I. I think it had something to do with the toe separator part. Suddenly the area between the big toe and the next toe, (which really doesn’t have a name) that area got sore and that left me flipless and flopless.

That’s really sad because recently I was in a store supplied with summer fun items and among them was this huge bin of flip-flops. All colors of summer. Some with little flowers, some with manly hemp sewn on the tops. The kid sizes were adorned with characters and toys. Very novel. When I quit wearing flip-flops, the big thing was to get ones with multicolored soles that looked like rainbows. If I dive deep enough I can probably come up with them out of the deep end of my closet. But why? I will just slip off of them again and it takes lots longer to heal a twisted ankle nowadays. Good thing I have a great foot doctor. Hurray for Dr. Draper!

Now remember if flip-flops are going to be part of your summer arsenal, you will need to take a closer look at those little nuggets sticking out of the end of your feet; aka toes. And your feet altogether. I have never had the joy of a pedicure. Of course I haven’t had a manicure, either. So it goes without saying I have not had a mani-pedi. But I do take care of my tootsies, the “foundation” of the rest of me. Not just because I have miles to go before I sleep, but because I’ve noticed more than my share of feet that, well, let’s just say many were in dire need of soap, water and a good commercial grade sander! Let’s step into another area, shall we?

Then on the other end of the array of summer shoes are hiking boots. Hiking boots aren’t just for hiking. They too can be a fashion statement. A heavy, hot, expensive statement. The selection of hiking boots is amazing. Not only can you choose from different upper materials but colors and even down to the pattern that’s hot formed into the soles. Waffle pattern, big lugs or small lugs, tire tread, rippled. Apparently it all depends on the terrain you will be enduring — uh, I mean enjoying on your hike.

But when you need a good pair of hiking boots, you really need them. High top, low top, lace up, extra Velcro closures. Snake-proof. Wait, what? Snake-proof. Hey, if I have to wear shoes that are snake-proof, that’s not a hike I want to go on. I’ll be at the beach — flip flopping in the sand and surf!

Oh, oh I nearly forgot. An elephant with one soggy tennis shoe. (See the first line.) Happy summering.

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