It only takes one spark in those hills |

It only takes one spark in those hills

A healthy cheat grass crop is not good for people or other living things.

An election night fire burned off 500 acres of wildland above southwestern Carson City prompting voluntary evacuations along Curry.

By Wednesday morning, the fire was down to a smoldering cigarette burn on the side of the hill.

It has been roughly three weeks since Carson City saw any rain, according to National Weather Service records.

That’s after receiving more than 3 inches in March, just in time for the growing season.

So any source of ignition is going to be problematic in those foothills.

Four-wheeler’s exhaust, target shooting, welding, pretty much anything that sets off a spark is more than sufficient to set the hill ablaze.

Burning toilet paper and waste is pretty close to the world’s biggest bag of poop set ablaze on Carson City’s doorstep.

If you’re camping in the wilderness, do what the big cats do and bury it.

And remember to bring all the gear you’re supposed to have when you’re in the outback: water, a shovel and just maybe some sort of portable toilet.

We’re glad that no one was injured, and that no homes were lost in the fire.

Hopefully the lesson to be careful with fire won’t be lost on those enjoying the great outdoors. And that’s the straight poop.