It’ll take complicated recipe to save church |

It’ll take complicated recipe to save church

Nevada Appeal editorial board

A wise man once said he fears saving Carson City’s historic Presbyterian Church from the wrecking ball will be like baking bread. No one will find time to help make it, but they’ll find the time when it’s baked to eat it.

We want to make a plea to the community, to the nation, to help us bake.

Though we do not want to see another of our historic buildings demolished, we can sympathize with the church and its members. The congregation has grown, though the building has not.

It seems the historic structure has had to battle for life since its very beginning.

Construction was started in 1862 but because of a lack of funding wasn’t finished until 1864.

Today’s dilemma is not so different. Cost estimates for preserving the old building range from $2.1 million to about $5 million, according to the church.

In 1864, the congregation turned to Mark Twain and the community for help. We encourage them to do so again. Though Twain is long dead, the church still stands 141 years later at 110 N. Nevada St.

If we’re to build our economic future on heritage tourism we can’t be tearing down the church that launched the speaking career of one of America’s greatest writers.

If we’re to ask private property owners to save these structures we must flour our hands and start working the dough.

Seeking a solution that fits the both the needs of the church and preserves the historic building could be the most complicated baking assignment Carson City has ever undertaken, but we have faith the dough can be raised and the church saved.