It’s a good week to show pride in Carson City |

It’s a good week to show pride in Carson City

Carson City’s gesture to open its landfill to residents for free dumping this weekend is a great move and just might keep more trash from being dumped in the wild places in and around town.

Our city has a lot of people who exhibit great pride in their community, but like in other places there is also a minority of people who don’t seem to care.

They’ll balk at paying a few bucks at the landfill and dump their trash in the sagebrush instead. That problem adds up quickly and, for lack of a better word, there are parts of town and the surrounding lands that are trashed.

Because of budgetary concerns, there won’t be much help in the way of municipal workers to clean up after the dumpers, and catching them in the act is nearly impossible. The problem is often on federal land, but try as they might, federal agencies can’t keep up with it either.

Frankly, in the same way residents are outraged at vandals who deface buildings with graffiti, they ought to be outraged at those who deface public property, not to mention the taxpayer money spent to clean up after them.

While it would be nice if an example were made of some of the violators, that energy might be better placed in hoping those people take advantage of free dumping at the landfill this weekend.

The landfill will be open for free dumping for city residents Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For additional information, call 882-6066 or 887-2355.

Carson Pride Week runs through Sunday, and there are other programs underway as well.

If you’re a senior or are disabled, you may be able to get a free junk pickup. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Pick-N-Pull will tow away any old vehicles to the salvage yard for free. Call 882-7772.

And groups are being encouraged to adopt a block to clean up, with the city hauling away the debris. Call 887-2355.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal editorial board.