It’s what we believe |

It’s what we believe

As Democrats we should not oppose the Republicans just because they’re Republicans. But we should oppose them, we must oppose them, when they are attempting to pass legislation that is contrary to what we believe. Our message should be positive. It’s what we believe that drives our actions.

We oppose Donald Trump’s position on nuclear proliferation, not because he’s a Republican, but, because it is contrary to our beliefs. However, we will support the Republicans if they propose the reduction in the stockpile of nuclear weapons around the globe, because this is what we believe must happen.

We believe in Social Security, Medicare, and that Healthcare is alright, not a privilege. No one, and I mean no one, living in this country should ever be denied healthcare because they can’t afford it. Emergency care at a hospital is not the answer, and is very expensive. We oppose the Republicans’ attempts to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and to repeal the Affordable Care Act until they have a replacement plan that is better, and is passed before, or at the same time as the repeal of Obamacare, otherwise about 18 million people might suddenly be without healthcare.

Education is one of the five big “E’s”: Energy, Environment, Elections, and Economics are the others. When it comes to education, our top priority must be to become the No. 1 nation in the world in educating our children. Right now we rank about 16th. To improve children must spend more hours in the classroom and have more homework. Parents must do more. The rebuilding of our infrastructure must include rebuilding crumbling schools and building new schools. We should add many teachers to reduce class size. We support public schools and oppose using public funds to fund private schools.

We will continue to oppose more off-shore drilling for oil, as well as drilling in the artic and in our national parks as part of our energy and environment plan. We support the development of clean renewable energy, such as solar. We also want to see electric automobiles, to reduce the emission of fossil fuels, which pollute our air and contributes to global warming. As during the Obama administration, we must continue to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. When it comes to the environment our number one goal must be to reduce mans’ contribution to global warming. The Arctic ice caps are melting even faster than expected. We may already be too late to save our planet! We will continue support for policies that promote clean air, clean water, clean energy, and protect our public lands and National Parks. Again this is only a brief synopsis of a very broad plan to protect the environment. Our energy and environmental goals are inseparable.

A priority is to eliminate the intrusion in our elections, our most precious democratic process, by foreign entities. Once is one time too many. Vladimir Putin had much to do with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election of his buddy Donald Trump. This must never happen again. Congress must pass laws, including a constitutional amendment if necessary, which would overturn any election and require a new election, when foreign interference in proven. We must declare that hacking by foreign countries into the emails of our private citizens, businesses, political parties, or the government, is an act of war.

It must be easier to vote. Long lines and waiting hours to vote must be a thing of the past. Racially motivated state laws, based on non-existent voter fraud, make it difficult for minorities to vote and must end. Gerrymandering of congressional districts to give one party an advantage has to stop. The president’s talk of massive voter fraud is untrue — and I believe — racially motivated.

Our economic policy is plain and simple: Increase taxes on the very rich, close loopholes that allow people like Donald Trump to pay no taxes, and promote fair trade policies and agreements that are in our best interest, and protect jobs in this country. Banks and Wall Street must not control our economic policy.

We must promote respect for others regardless of race, creed, color or national heritage. We must build bridges to other countries, not walls separating us. Our government must put people first. We should not pass laws which infringe on individual freedoms unless it is absolutely necessary to protect the health, welfare or safety of others, or the country, such as reasonable gun laws.

It will take another column to cover the military, foreign affairs, national security, a more detailed healthcare plan and a few other items worthy of discussion.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at