It’s your government, and it’s supposed to work for you |

It’s your government, and it’s supposed to work for you

Nevada Appeal Editorial

So, maybe you’ve under the impression the recent turmoil at Carson City Hall has passed and all involved are ready to make nice, put aside personal and philosophical differences, and work for the betterment of the city.

That’s probably wishful thinking.

It seems just a matter of time before the next landmine will explode, and you can be sure there’s plenty of friction remaining following the drama that led to the resignation of the city’s community relations officer, Liz Teixeira, who happens to be the wife of the mayor, and the near-departure of City Manager Linda Ritter. Much of the background of the conflict appears to be cloaked in secrecy and litigation or threatened litigation.

Now city officials are saying all the right things about the necessity of working together on the city’s many problems and, who knows, maybe they’ll really be able to accomplish that, despite recent events.

But we find this an appropriate time to remind the residents of Carson City that this is your government. You pay for it, and you are affected by its actions and inactions. And this is no time for inaction in the face of a huge budget deficit and pressing problems including meth, gangs and business recruitment.

You deserve an accessible government that’s responsive, whose operations are open and accountable and can pass the scrutiny of residents.

You can be involved in its operation, and you can demand answers from its leaders and elected officials. You have a right to be concerned, even outraged.

In fact, we recommend you contact your elected officials, tell them what you’re thinking about this situation and the direction of the city, and ask them questions. Most are in the phone book. You can also contact them at the following numbers and e-mail addresses:

• Mayor Marv Teixeira

887-2101 x1212

• Supervisor Robin Williamson

887-2101 x1213

• Supervisor Shelly Aldean


• Supervisor Pete Livermore

887-2101 x1214

• Supervisor Richard Staub

887-2101 x1206