Joffee ordered to pay back money, on probation |

Joffee ordered to pay back money, on probation

by staff

A Carson City woman who embezzled an estimated $15,000 from a local attorney was ordered Tuesday to pay the money back and serve five years of probation.

Paula Buzick, who admitted to the theft in November, faced former employer Allison Joffee, a Carson City defense attorney, who testified at her sentencing.

“The biggest surprise was working with a friend who turned out to be a thief,” Joffee testified. She said she confronted Buzick after discovering the $15,000 unaccounted for in company records.

Joffee told Judge Michael Fondi that her Carson City business was in such financial straits after the theft that she needed to procure a high-interest loan of $20,000 to cover expenses.

“Embezzlers violate the trust of someone who puts them in a position of trust,” Fondi said.